The selection process is always considered a critical situation for every candidate. Experts have been discussing about the approach the candidates should have while going through the process. The guidelines have provided regarding the etiquette of dressing to the style of conversation one should have. However, there is another phase equally important after that. The above pointers and advices help a candidate in successfully undergoing the selection process. If the candidate is selected, then it brings in another level of responsibility to the individual. Creating the first impression at the workplace during the first few days is an essential part of framing the career prospect within the organization. One needs to be very careful towards certain do’s and don’ts that need to be kept in mind while working in an organization.

  • Since you are new in the organization, make sure your attitude shows that you are open to guidance. It is quite obvious that you will not have complete knowledge about your job profile as well as the work culture and process. So, if someone extends certain professional advice and guidance it is better to be interested in it.

  • After getting accustomed to the job profile, it better to take certain initiatives towards certain tasks and volunteer for activities. This shows that you are truly interested in the work profile and are willing to learn on the job.

  • We all know that the scenario of job change is critical. An individual does so for better prospects in terms of salary or work profile or any other circumstances. Whatever may be reason, it is always advisable to speak well for the former employer. You need to keep in mind that even if you had differences with your previous organization, the time span you spent in that company shows in your resume as professional expertise.

  • Time and again recruitment experts and placement firms have put up the pointer of being punctual during the initial days of work to create a positive impression in front of reporting manager and management. This goes a long way in positive reflection towards your career growth in the company.

  • Clothing choices should be made carefully. Now days, business casuals are in fashion for office wear and it looks classy and smart at the same time. Also, keep in mind to stay away from flashy colors, too much jewelry and out of the world hair styles and hair colors. If at all you feel like getting a bright hair color, make it temporary which can be fixed within a day or two.

  • It is good to ask questions. This shows your interest in the profile and tasks that are given to you but refrain from asking too many questions.

  • Lunch time is a great opportunity to bond with your colleagues and managers. You can talk about company atmosphere and work structure in a casual way.

Along with this there are a few things which you should never do.

  • Refrain from participating in any form of gossip.

  • Do not ask for upgrades in facilities given to you such as phones, internet connection and such like just after joining

  • Refrain from asking additional benefits.