There is no doubt that you will not post the job ads in any job portal. But, the on going trend of using your own employees to display the job ads really works great. Word of mouth holds a strong position in today’s diverse market. So, in diversity hiring, you can use word of mouth advertising trick helps you fetch good candidates for the vacant job role. It will help you in the long run. So, internal job ad sharing is a great idea to stay focused and fetch the right candidate.

  1. Start with small approach and encourage your employees to share the updates of company’s social media. It will I a way widen the company’s following. It does not need extra time or effort and it must be included in the payroll itself. In a way, this chain will grow gradually and it will bring the best result.

  2. Make a proper calculation to get the exact number and it will actually fulfil the overall job position. Hence, it is important one should make a rough calculation of the entire process and keep the record for the future comparison.

  3. It is not every time that an employee will show interest to share company updates on their profiles. So, the employers need to motivate these employees and in return arrange some return gift for the timely effort. It will increase the chance to get the best candidates with the help of posting or sharing jobs internally.

  4. Social media training to the employees is another way to train the employees on how to share the job ads through Twitter or Facebook. Some companies arrange a short term training to their employees to train in the social media and help in a way to get the work done after the training process ends.

These four steps really work in a great way to post the job and increase the diversity hiring process on a bigger note. It will actually help you in the growth of your business and also reduce the external cost.

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