Are the employees much enough productive for your company? Do you see the lack of productiveness among the employees? Then, it is time to gear up your employees with some basic parameters to assess productivity. These parameters will help the employees as well the company to shine high and increase the growth of the business.

1. Clarity– Well, employees need clarity about their job role more than a written job description. They want clear ideas on what they should do at work on a daily basis and even wants to know how his or her work easily coordinate with others work especially when there is a change in the work circumstances. Employers should not just expect high aim from employees rather frequently talk with company’s employees and get detail about the responsibilities and even the progress of work. If there is absent of clear communication, then company becomes stagnant in ideas and lead to a bad workplace.

2. Competency– Turn your employees productive not just for the betterment of the company, but for the overall development of the employee. Great employees always show interest to learn new skills, and to learn new things. An employer can choose some checklist like:

a) Business decision
b) Interaction with others
c) Work ethics
d) Software tools use
e) Emotional stability
f) Problem solving

These skills include both business and behavior and helps an employer to judge or make a competency report based on these skills.

3. Consistency– Whether it is the growth of the business or improvement in employees skill, consistency plays an important role. Why? Until you try something to try for a certain period of time, you will never understand whether the new things is working in your favor or not. It allows you to measure. When you are assigned to a particular work, you become accountable to it because of consistency. When you are consistent with your work and progress, then automatically you earn reputation.

4. Efficiency– Without the result of efficiency, it is not possible for any company to grow. Therefore, employees efficiency should be observed with the close view. Every employee should match their task with a skill to stay efficient at work. Communication is important for efficiency, employees need to have clear idea on goals and should stay focused on work. Also, for an efficient result, do not engage your employees to small task rather invest in large goal to encourage to achieve the same.

Hence, these four parameters really work better in a company if followed by the employer thoroughly.

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