The world of work have changed constantly with time driven by globalization and technology innovation. Such paradigms have bought tangible change with visible shift in occupations, roles and skills.

The Covid-19 outbreak is one such paradigm shift which have evolved the workspace. The contours of workplace and skills in demand are changing where work from home is the new work place and there is a need for new skills. The new skills demand employees to be self-sufficient so that they can cope with the changing scenarios. Many corporates have made it mandatory for the new joiners to possess these skills along with leadership hiring. These skills are being termed as ‘professional skills’ which needs to be aligned with the core functional skills:

  1. Critical Thinking: the ability to think for solutions in all 360 degree and choose the best option to resolve and exceed. Employees should think in long-term prospective not just about themselves but about the organizations. Take decisions that is beneficial in terms of business continuity, customer satisfaction and one owns professional growth. 

  2. Collaboration: the most essential skills to collaborate and coordinate with team members is the key element to sustain in the pandemic times. New timelines, goals and productivity has been set to ensure maximum sustainability of the business. Only those employees with stand productive which possess the caliber to collaborate and coordinate for fast achievement of goals. 

  3. Time Management: time management is not just the business demand but is the need of hour. Managing work hour is essential for work life balance as now personal needs will be as demanding as the professional needs. 

  4. Communication: efficient written and verbal skills is more pertinent than ever as they are seen as a way towards problem-solving and achieving work goals faster. Developing these skills are important for any workplace and in this current scenario it is much more needed.