In the latest technology era when we are extensively transforming processes and systems into technology job-hunting is also witnessing vast change. We go to online portals, use social media and end most of the time in front of the box to search a good job.

We begin our job search by writing a good resume where we refer to other similar resumes that are available online to build our resume. With a perfect resume we start posting it online so that our information can be delivered to the organizations or the HR department that are looking for similar profiles.

Now when it is delivered to HR department they may contact you if they think that resume is relevant to what they are looking for. So now if we have rethink on the human element on the entire process we can say that only 20-30% of human element is present in the process. When we say human element we mean the human potential and capability which is different in each one of us.

For e.g. for an IT consultant his/her function skills will almost remain the same but what will change a person attitude towards work, dedication, personality traits, behavior experience etc. So while writing a resume an IT consultant should focus on what his/her personality or behavior can bring to solve a business problem. If a resume speak out of these traits along with one technical skills, then many IT staffing consultants would love to go through the resume and understand the caliber.

Also, through technology innovation the staffing companies are able to sort out the relevant data but to attract the right caliber consultant should look for different ways to market the requirements. Job description can be one area where IT staffing consultants can frame the required areas and be very specific with their details. When reviewing resumes they should look out for the traits that is apt for the job which can be both personal and technical skills.

As it is important to understand that we should treat candidates not just a mere list of skills but a human with a potential to perform. Though in contemporary terms recruitment process has become more keyword matching with different types of resumes the essentiality of what the person is holding has been lot. A lot of barriers has been placed between the hiring manager and the candidate where less scope for interaction and communication.

So the need is to balance both the technology innovation and the human element together where building sufficient scope of communication, importance of skills, personality traits and most importantly treating each candidate in different way.

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