2022 is well underway so making plans and establish objectives for the year are the next step.   You’ve undoubtedly already made a list of the year’s successes and failures. There will be a few techniques that worked beautifully for you and some that, hopefully, did not.

But enough with the reminiscing. We all desire better performance in 2022, which necessitates extensive planning.

With the development of virtual recruitment and remote working, agency recruiters are focusing on automating applicant screening and reducing the number of in-person client and candidate meetings.

When it comes to making significant recruiting decisions in 2022, data will be a critical component. Recruiters are optimistic about turning towards staffing solutions provided by staffing agencies like GlobalHunt, arguing that it will help them do their jobs better. As a result, a significant investment in automation and recruiting is not surprising.

Recruiters, like everyone else, have begun writing down their objectives for the coming quarter. Let’s take a look at some of the new year resolutions we’ve compiled.

Here are a Few Recruitment Resolutions for 2022:

While the recruitment sector is always changing, it is vital for staffing agencies to keep on top of things. In order to be effective as a recruiter, your staffing agency should make the following resolutions.

Invest in Getting Aid from a Staffing Agency

The finest investment your staffing agency could make in 2022 would be to improve your training programmes for new recruiters who join your firm. Even recruiters with a lot of expertise might benefit from this type of training that is provided by staffing agencies. 

It’s critical to build an effective training plan for recruiters as a staffing agency in order to get the top talent for your staffing agency’s clients. Recruiter training may have a direct influence on the productivity and success of your company.

In 2022, unconscious prejudice has no place. Make sure your staffing agency’s new training programme emphasises the need of recruiters being aware of their own preconceptions and taking actions to overcome them.

Keep an Eye on the Ever-Evolving Recruitment Trends

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on numerous things, including recruiting. The year 2021 was designated as the year in which candidate experience took centre stage, and the same will be true this year.

It’s time to improve your candidate experience in a variety of ways, including updating your client’s career webpages and conducting surveys to gather feedback from qualified candidates.

Aside from that, your staffing agency should place high importance on diversity and inclusion, as well as other recruitment techniques. You must be prepared to employ a range of interview strategies in order to recruit contingent employees. In 2022, companies’ talent acquisition strategies will be influenced by the usage of data-driven analytics.

Your staffing agency’s overall performance will increase if you have the correct tools to help you connect the right people to the right jobs.

Diversity in Action Hiring

Staffing agencies must understand that having a high-quality workforce is important to a company’s success. Employee recruitment and retention have always improved as a result of workplace diversity.

As a result, as you head into 2022, it’s critical to practise diversity recruiting.

Expand on Employee Referrals

Make it your New Year’s resolve to establish stronger employee referral programmes. Give your staffing agency’s clients’ employees a say in the hiring process, so they can be more productive.

These kinds of initiatives have shown to be the most successful way to find new employees. Employee referral programme applicants stay in the firm for at least a year.

So why not put it to fair use?

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