Outplacement services are relatively new addition to the HR services segment in the corporate arena. While there are many HR consultancies which offer this service, many companies are yet not clear about the service and its importance. Outplacement services refer to the career and stress counselling services provided by the company to it’s laid off employees due to a business cause. Many times there arises a scenario wherein a business segment becomes redundant due to change in strategies or decrease in profit margins. Whatever may be the reason, it leads to mass layoff of an employee segment. This scenario is extremely sensitive as there may be some employees who have been associated with the brand for a very long period of time and grow an emotional attachment to the organization. It also creates an unwanted panic wave among the existing employees which harms the productivity. Outplacement services are an answer to such sensitive situations. GlobalHunt India Pvt Ltd as a leading HR service provider has designed its Outplacement Services in such a manner where the employees during the initial phase of lay off are provided with counselling sessions and career building sessions to keep them boosted. Moreover, our recruitment process is highly technology driven which makes the job placement much faster.

It has to be kept in mind that employees are the major source of company growth and providing career assistance and stress management counselling to the terminated employees solidifies the base of a healthy relationship. It reduces unwanted friction between the management and the terminated employees to a certain extent.

  • It reduces the unemployment rate to a definite extent. Advises on career opportunities and job search helps in finding alternative opportunities faster. It proves to be a better offering than just a severance pay as we all know that employees have other needs too.
  • It helps in protecting liabilities and maintaining corporate responsibilities. It ensures a smoother transition which minimizes the risk of legal actions.
  • The current employees feel assured regarding the management and their employer which aids in maintaining their productivity and eliminates unnecessary panic environment.
  • Lastly, the word regarding the service might get out in the market at some point of time which preserves the brand image in a positive way. If the company needs to hire again after some time, then it is easy and effective.

Therefore, there is a lot more to outplacement than just career assistance to terminated employees. This service can be implemented in certain innovative ways.

  • Now is the age of mobility. Right from online purchases to entertainment and even job search is done on mobile. Statistics reveal that around 68% job seekers look for employment on their mobile multiple times in a week. Hence, it is likely to be true about the terminated employees as well. So, it is better to provide the service over mobile platform as well. It adds to the flexibility of using the service on the go.
  • Relocation assistance is another way of aiding the terminated employee for a better opportunity. It showcases the employer commitment in a brilliant manner. However, this service depends on the budget and needs to be well planned before execution.
  • Lastly, promoting alumni services along with the outplacement service is valuable towards yielding better positive results. Displaced employees connect to the relevant alumni and can get better job search assistance and logical references.