Personal grooming for better corporate impression
Posted on: November 3, 2016, by : PRTeam

Corporate grooming is an essential element of professionalism now days. All companies need their employees to be presentable in a proper manner that is in line with the work culture and ethics of the corporate structure. One thing which needs to be kept in mind is that there is nothing like a perfect look. Not all people in the world are blessed with ideal height, body and looks. But dressing and presenting oneself according to the body structure brings out the confidence and creates a proper impression in front of seniors as well as clients. Many people think that wearing expensive clothes and well finished makeup only builds up the corporate grooming segment. Well it is definitely not the case. We present to you the following list of things for the corporate grooming for men and women.

Male grooming pointers :

  • Fashion is not always about women, it includes men too. So keep your eyes open and it would not hurt if you go through certain magazines that feature menswear for casual and business purpose. Though it might sound a bit self-indulgent to all you men out there, but it is essential. One example of fashion trend is that straight trousers are quite a hit now; pants with pleats are now obsolete. Many variations of shirts are currently in fashion and the world is moving towards a semi formalwear trend.
  • Shorter hair is always preferred. If you manage to tame down longer hair with a proper style then that can work too. But please try to keep yourself away from bright hair colours and over the top styles. Sometimes, we all feel like going wild, but keep those things temporary so that you can get to normal overnight.
  • Leather footwear is always professional and in. Wearing standard length socks along with it adds to the formal look.
  • Accessories in terms of pen, handkerchief, belt and watch go well with professional look. Invest some good money in getting a professional looking watch and pen especially as it creates a great impression always.
  • Sometimes, casual wear is also present in the work environment. It is better not to go over the top with ripped jeans, T-shirts with loud colours and such like. Keep it modest with a jeans and standard T-shirt with a collar preferably.

Women grooming pointers :

  • In terms of clothes, women do have a wide range of options in the formal wear segment. Formal pencil or A-line skirts, trousers, Indian formal in terms of salwar suits, sarees and the list goes. You can pick whatever you are comfortable with but avoid too bright colours and heavy patchwork and related stuff.
  • Hair style for a girl has no such boundaries for professional look. But please make sure that your hair is always combed properly and carry a comb at all times. Make sure that you hair does not fall on your face.
  • Make up should enhance your looks rather than looking like a mask over your face. Matt finish is ideal. It can also go for a slightly dewy look as well. Flashy eye shadows are to be avoided.
  • Pick your shoes that goes with your clothing but keep out of too much high heel or flashy ones.
  • Lastly accessorise yourself with an elegant chain and pendant, ear tops, elegant ring, leather belt and so on. There are a lot of options in this case.
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