The importance of work values

If you do not have job satisfaction on your current job, then it is very difficult for you concentrate on your job role. It is very important to have job satisfaction and this will lead to a better work life. You need to really follow your satisfaction level and this will give you excellent service. […]

4 ways to share job ads internally

There is no doubt that you will not post the job ads in any job portal. But, the on going trend of using your own employees to display the job ads really works great. Word of mouth holds a strong position in today’s diverse market. So, in diversity hiring, you can use word of mouth […]

4 Parameters to Follow to Remain Productive at Work

Are the employees much enough productive for your company? Do you see the lack of productiveness among the employees? Then, it is time to gear up your employees with some basic parameters to assess productivity. These parameters will help the employees as well the company to shine high and increase the growth of the business. […]

Engaging the diverse pool

“All work and no play make Jack a dumb boy”…. Yes, this is really a true line which defines when you want your productivity to be at its best, then you need to take breaks in between works. This will spice up your mood, make you feel confident, and help you invest more in the […]

Onboarding an Employee Engagement Programme

Onboard Employee engagement program is really an interesting one where employees get to share their own experiences and it actually makes the things work in a proper way. So, these programs work really well. So, it is very important for employees to work on the basic and this will actually give you the confidence to […]

Small changes leading to big ones

In a company, there are different types of people who work under a single platform. It is very important for an employer to have a rhythm in between the employees so that they can work peacefully and bring out the best of the company. It is very much important and it will surely help your […]

Thinking of Migrant Sustainability

In today’s world international migration is not just about number of people migrating between countries because of economic, political or social factors. It is a reality for millions of people who in search of better futures are changing their countries. Data by United Nation studies show that there are about 244 million migrants living in […]

Rumours: Ignore or treat them as information?

There is no smoke without fire. If we go by this saying rumours might not be completely baseless as they might hold some truth in them. Rumours is something which is part and parcel of our everyday life, both personal and professional. Whether it’s about a class mate, colleague or about or current/previous organization we […]

Sabbatical still a big question for employees

Sabbatical is really a big question towards employees as well to the employers. They may think that they will miss the opportunity that will come towards them in the rat race. Employers also remain in confusion and may think that you are not the worth employee for the company. Well, there is a good argument […]

The Human Element of Job Hunting

In the latest technology era when we are extensively transforming processes and systems into technology job-hunting is also witnessing vast change. We go to online portals, use social media and end most of the time in front of the box to search a good job. We begin our job search by writing a good resume […]