Ways of Employee Monitoring

Remote employees are those who perform their work schedules in a distant location from their traditional office. The companies may have group-members who generally works in the remote areas only. Remote jobs also deals in the offers of work from home or work from different sites virtually or physically but the distinctive feature in this […]

The dos and don’ts at first few days of your job

Every professional in his or her life time undergoes the process of joining a new profile within an organization. While it brings in high levels of excitement, there is a lot of anticipation related to it. A few years back with the traditional recruitment process, after joining an organization, people used to concentrate on first […]

HR Plan Has To Be A Complete SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is very important part in the management level. When it comes to HR department, following this method becomes important in today’s scenario to bring the best quality and helps your business to grow and you can hire the right candidate for the company clients. HR department is given a definite budget to retain […]

Business Case Story Telling………Anyone?

Business case examples largely expressing an organization’s methodology adopted towards a challenging issue such as attracting new community of consumers, tackling internal conflict situations for productivity or technology engagement for better services are largely discussed during client briefing or public forums. The marketing and communication team of organizations extensively develop on the concept so as […]

The Role of Community Manager

Lot of companies to increase their brand penetration in the market have hired community manager who works on social media platforms to promote the company image. Over time, their role has become significant for customer engagement, retaining sales, increasing market base etc. So let us in detail mention the role of a community manager: 1. […]

Planning to Improve Performance Management System?

In due course of time, performance management from being an annual process have shifted to be a continuous process. Months on months strategies to improve performances are thought by the management teams. It has become a continuous process of setting goals and evaluating progress. An effective performance management system to set clear expectations and mechanisms […]

Motivation at work…still a struggle

Motivation at work does no last for long. No matter how hard we try there are situations which challenge us and reduce our interest towards work. However as the famous saying goes “People often say that motivation does not last. Well, neither does bathing-that’s why we recommend it daily” we need to understand that our […]

The importance of work values

If you do not have job satisfaction on your current job, then it is very difficult for you concentrate on your job role. It is very important to have job satisfaction and this will lead to a better work life. You need to really follow your satisfaction level and this will give you excellent service. […]

4 ways to share job ads internally

There is no doubt that you will not post the job ads in any job portal. But, the on going trend of using your own employees to display the job ads really works great. Word of mouth holds a strong position in today’s diverse market. So, in diversity hiring, you can use word of mouth […]

4 Parameters to Follow to Remain Productive at Work

Are the employees much enough productive for your company? Do you see the lack of productiveness among the employees? Then, it is time to gear up your employees with some basic parameters to assess productivity. These parameters will help the employees as well the company to shine high and increase the growth of the business. […]