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Engaging the diverse pool

“All work and no play make Jack a dumb boy”…. Yes, this is really a true line which defines when you want your productivity to be at its best, then you need to take breaks in between works. This will spice up your mood, make you feel confident, and help you invest more in the quality work. In every organization, you will find people of different age, culture, gender and even religion. Therefore, it is very important for the company to organize some engaging activities that will help the employees to develop the interest in the work and cut off the boredom.

It can be the following things:

1)Training & Development courses- These training and development courses are really very helpful for the employees because it will actually give you the space to interact with other colleagues. Here, you can learn many things and this will improve your quality of work and the training will help you know what are the areas where you can improve yourself and this will actually give the confidence in you and make a perfect choice.

2)Philanthropic activities- For more diversity, companies must organize these activities. This will actually give the employees a sense of willingness to perform the best and it will surely make a great thing to expose their talent and in a way develop their confidence.

3)Event planning- The company should organize events and give the responsibility to the employees so that they can work as a team and bring the best out of the event. The event will take place in a perfect way because the employees become responsible and they will turn out the best event for everyone so that they can really enjoy the best activity time.

So, what are you waiting for? If you really want to bring the best potential of the employees, then you must engage them in just diverse activities. They are really special for you and it will help you develop your company and bring in the best growth. Make sure you choose the activities that are engaging, interesting and motivates your employees. Then only, they will show interest and turn up to take part in these activities for a 100% return.

Onboarding an Employee Engagement Programme

Onboard Employee engagement program is really an interesting one where employees get to share their own experiences and it actually makes the things work in a proper way. So, these programs work really well. So, it is very important for employees to work on the basic and this will actually give you the confidence to win back the new employees. So, what are you waiting for? This employment engagement solution helps you develop a better work ambiance.

The old employees take the responsibility to share all the details of their experience, work life and many more things that will actually make the things work in a proper way. These employees will share their personal ideas with the new ones so that they get a clear vision and mission. You can actually make a great difference and create a space for the new employees who can give their best result because it is really worth for them to establish their base and it will help them grow as big as they want to grow the company in a positive way.

Hence, the companies should look for quality service provider and this will actually give you the best result. So, there is nothing to worry and you will find the best programme which will help the new employees and this will be really fun to get back to the track in work and surely make the difference in the productivity of work and help in a proper way to get the best result and improve the performance of the employee so that the company works well.

Small changes leading to big ones

In a company, there are different types of people who work under a single platform. It is very important for an employer to have a rhythm in between the employees so that they can work peacefully and bring out the best of the company. It is very much important and it will surely help your business to grow in a positive way. All you need is to bring a bit of change in your company so that each and every employee can work in a proper manner and they remain in balance to make the most of their job.

HR Policy– You may have some HR policy which is very rigid for the company as well for the employees. You can actually change these hr policies for your company and make it more flexible so that employees can enjoy the office ambiance without any fear and there leaves no room for breaking the HR rules.

The mechanism in operations– Change in the operating mechanism is a good idea it helps your company to grow and you can actually make a good profit from it. All you need is to judge which operation mechanism needs to be modified in your company and accordingly you can set the operation. It is really a great way to take the company to one step ahead and create a balance among the employees.

Implementation of technology– Doing work manually is really tough and that is why; you should introduce technology related service so that productivity get into its height and you feel confident and one can accomplish the work very easily. Technology enhanced services always bring a big change in the business.

For example- in accounting companies- the owners moved to cloud accounting system over manual accounting which makes it really easy for the accountants to get into the service properly and meet up clients requirements very easily. Therefore, theses changes are really important and it can help you find quality service at the best service. So, a sudden change in the company will always bring positive result in the company.

Thinking of Migrant Sustainability

In today’s world international migration is not just about number of people migrating between countries because of economic, political or social factors. It is a reality for millions of people who in search of better futures are changing their countries.

Data by United Nation studies show that there are about 244 million migrants living in different parts of the country mostly living in high Income countries such as United States & Europe of which 47 million are living in US alone.

Studies in the past and of present suggest that people usually people from low-income economies migrate to high income economies in search of better jobs. Though economic factors were major reasons for migration but in contemporary time political disturbances are also leading to large scale migration.

So it is not the question that whether one is migrating for better income or for a better living standards. The question is how we are making a migrated community a sustainable and inclusive community. Even the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development recognize the contribution of migrant communities for inclusive and sustainable development which does limit to safeguarding their human rights issues but also largely entails safeguarding their jobs future. Not necessarily in their migrant country but that can also be in their origin country.

Earlier, if look at Indian migration trend such as carpentry, electrician, plumber, construction workers, domestic helpers, nurse etc. were highly migratory skills. Though the trend has still continued to persist but what we now see is the swift to new skills such as IT, Research & Development, Academic Professors etc. which are the high end skills also migrating to other countries.

The question of sustainability becomes important for not only the host country which gives them better working conditions, better salary, friendly work environment etc. It is also important to think of their sustainability when they return back. For e.g. an IT consultant or an Engineer may return back to India after a tenure and it is a great possibility that he or she has to start afresh with look out for job.

A concrete data may not be available but as a HR consultancy GlobalHunt witnesses cases where people with good qualifications and experience have returned back with look-out for better jobs in India which also creates a pool of unemployed population. The situation differs for a both formal and informal sectors where a person with formal skills through a rigorous job search will get a job in a new organization or generally tend to start their own entrepreneur venture. But for an informal worker he will be absorbed back to the informal sector of India and continue work with low wages and unskilled workers.

For such cases there is a need to strengthen Indian industries and job opportunities which can also enroll such caliber. ‘Make in India’ is one such initiative which is meant to strengthen the India industries and retaining Talent in India. But the parent organizations should build robust system of policies that can enroll these people back to the system. Also, formal on-job training to enhance skills has to be widely penetrated in India to bridge the skill gap.

However, we have to look for far-reaching solutions that improve the framework of absorbing these migrants back to our country where we need to strengthen our workforce structure with better job opportunities, better working styles, better work culture and improving skills.

Rumours: Ignore or treat them as information?

There is no smoke without fire.

If we go by this saying rumours might not be completely baseless as they might hold some truth in them. Rumours is something which is part and parcel of our everyday life, both personal and professional.

Whether it’s about a class mate, colleague or about or current/previous organization we tend to hear about these rumours and form our perception about an issue. True or false rumours do frame a particular line of thinking where it effects one consciousness.

When we speak of organization rumours we need to understand the nature of these rumors and to the extent they are affecting the brand image. It should always be remembered that rumors spread much faster than the information shared through company’s communication channel.  Also whether to ignore or address these rumours must depend on the nature of the rumour.

For e.g. if a rumour is based on an important information which is yet to be announced to the employees or the stakeholders then such rumours have the tendency to impact the brand image in a negative way. It is usually the information meant for public and private stakeholders such as mergers or acquisition, changes in business strategy, bad exit or any other negative case tend to tarnish the image. So in such situations the responsible teams should be active to handle queries, clear out confusions and provide adequate and honest knowledge to the stakeholders involved. Such rumours may also lead to involvement of the Senior Teams at times.

Another e.g. of rumours which usually involves internal misunderstanding, miscommunications or conflicts then in such cases the managers should be addressing such rumours within their teams and operational areas to maintain a positive environment. They should pay attention to the periodic disruptions that lead to such rumours and try to resolve the issue before it takes a potential surface.

But whatever, the case is rumours are unavoidable and unpreventable so the organizations should be apt to deal with rumours. So in such cases, crucial departments such as HR, Communication, PR, Finance, Sales etc. should be brand endorsers. Even in the most hard situation they should bring out the positive attitude and thinking of the company and rule out the negativity. The team should focus on what benefits or the gaining experience the organization provides as compared to others than getting along with the rumours.

Sabbatical still a big question for employees

Sabbatical is really a big question towards employees as well to the employers. They may think that they will miss the opportunity that will come towards them in the rat race. Employers also remain in confusion and may think that you are not the worth employee for the company. Well, there is a good argument that still prevails because of this idea. Some companies or employers prefer this method so bring out the best productivity from the employees, which in turn gives positivity, patience and may prepare you for the next job.

Myths of Sabbatical

1.It is only given to the employees who worked for a long time in the company.

2.It should be related to your job. This is totally a wrong concept. With sabbatical, you can bring out the creative side and push yourself to the end to bring the best thing in life. It is not related to careers and you can get the best time to find yourself.

3.Sabbatical is unpaid. It is not at all true because employees negotiate with the money when they are on sabbatical.

What are the things you can do on Sabbatical?

The experiences you will gather during this period, you should always use this experience in your professional gain. You can volunteer to different works, learn about different culture and understand their way of living a life, you can learn skill and language and you can also learn some creative things and implement the same in your life.

Benefits of Sabbatical

It is benefited thing in both ways for both employees and employers. It helps in the development of skills. If an employer negotiates with an employee for some months and gets back the employee rejuvenated, then it is much more worth than hiring a new employee which will affect the time, training session and this can be really costly. You just need to prepare yourself for a presentation so that you can convince your employer easily and this is a serious topic so you cannot take this very lightly.

So, how you can definitely decide how you take the sabbatical and how the employers are convinced to take up this idea in their company to get motivated employees back on track and increase the profit of the company. Without wasting much of your time, you should take up the decision and this will help you to take a break from your work and explore your mind and soul.

The Human Element of Job Hunting

In the latest technology era when we are extensively transforming processes and systems into technology job-hunting is also witnessing vast change. We go to online portals, use social media and end most of the time in front of the box to search a good job.

We begin our job search by writing a good resume where we refer to other similar resumes that are available online to build our resume. With a perfect resume we start posting it online so that our information can be delivered to the organizations or the HR department that are looking for similar profiles.

Now when it is delivered to HR department they may contact you if they think that resume is relevant to what they are looking for. So now if we have rethink on the human element on the entire process we can say that only 20-30% of human element is present in the process. When we say human element we mean the human potential and capability which is different in each one of us.

For e.g. for an IT consultant his/her function skills will almost remain the same but what will change a person attitude towards work, dedication, personality traits, behavior experience etc. So while writing a resume an IT consultant should focus on what his/her personality or behavior can bring to solve a business problem. If a resume speak out of these traits along with one technical skills, then many IT staffing consultants would love to go through the resume and understand the caliber.

Also, through technology innovation the staffing companies are able to sort out the relevant data but to attract the right caliber consultant should look for different ways to market the requirements. Job description can be one area where IT staffing consultants can frame the required areas and be very specific with their details. When reviewing resumes they should look out for the traits that is apt for the job which can be both personal and technical skills.

As it is important to understand that we should treat candidates not just a mere list of skills but a human with a potential to perform. Though in contemporary terms recruitment process has become more keyword matching with different types of resumes the essentiality of what the person is holding has been lot. A lot of barriers has been placed between the hiring manager and the candidate where less scope for interaction and communication.

So the need is to balance both the technology innovation and the human element together where building sufficient scope of communication, importance of skills, personality traits and most importantly treating each candidate in different way.

Restructuring the Recruitment Process

One fact with which we all agree is that all major industries are facing skill crunch where the even the top most companies are unable to find the kind of talent or caliber they look for. Our interactions with the hiring managers have shown that through a typical recruitment process they are able to find good pool of potential candidate but still a lot has to be changed to bring on the Best Candidate in an efficient way and time.

But figuring out what has to be changed is still needs more understanding and debate.

Some of the areas which I feel can be focused to change the Recruitment Process.

  1. The Big Change: we stress that we need make the Big Technology change. Agreed that we have been able to make a huge transformation by bringing data management on cloud and improvising on the processes through technology. But now what actually is required is bringing in Stakeholder Engagement and Communication on a common platform. We need to build direct interactions with the potential candidates where more than their resumes their past performance and future potential can speak. The recruitment consultants can evaluate candidates on not just resumes but what the candidate actually holds. So we have to think of a technological change that can bring in direct and live interface between the stakeholders
  2. Tell your story: Nothing sells more than a story. We all somewhere or the other love a story where we picture ourselves in that story. Similarly even for a job potential candidates must be shown how this specific story is meant for them. We need a mindset change from “I need a job” to “we need you” whenever we are competing for top talent. Whenever candidates are coming for the interview the hiring managers should tell them the story why they will be perfect for the job and how their skills can be essential.
  3. Look for permutation and combination: Try out for new type of skills and experience that they think can click and bring our desired results. We may always not succeed 100% but definitely can increase our success bracket. A whole new ingredient can change a dish taste so why not testing the new skills.
  4. All about building relations: Recruitment is known to be a People industry where every day we build relations. So the focus should be on building these relations as the best relations. We need to start defining what we want from our customer experience be it client or candidate. This will definitely improve the mindset and can further define our SWOT Analysis.
  5. Data Analysis: The industry holds the real time data of people with their past history. So we in the industry domain should think of utilizing this data for better evaluation. The data present with the industry is still un-utilized to a large extent and the industry is still figuring the best possible ways to utilize the data to the maximum.

It’s all about creating winning Employee Experience

Along with profits, performance and technology the other aspect which has emerged as an important factor for business growth is creating a winning employee experience. It’s high time for organization to give employee experience its due recognition which is very crucial for an effective Talent Acquisition and Talent Retention Strategy.

In today’s time, even the internal employees are also seen possible consumer to attract and retain. They have become the customers of so called “Workplace as an Experience” which companies are selling to emerge as a bigger brand.

We all are aware that internal employees are coming up as the biggest brand ambassadors where they advocate about the company image. So creating a social, mobile and positive experience has become vital.

Creating a winning employee experience though do entails providing recreational facilities in office space for relaxation but it also means reinventing work structure and process. When we speak of reinventing work structure and processes we do include technology innovation for making business operation simple and fast and also includes the work environment.

Under work environment we speak of significant issues such as performance management, learning and leading opportunities, collaboration opportunities, culture of ethic etc. These are focus areas which can create a winning environment:

  1. Performance Management: Companies should re-design the way conduct their performance management. Performance management should be given a positive approach where employees strengthens can be highlighted. Performance rating scale should be incorporated where employee should be accessed on strengths, capacity to learn, seizing opportunity, communication, creativity, obedience etc.
  2. Learning & Leading Opportunities: Learning and Development has become a core functionality within organizations where extensively is worked upon improve the work skills of employees. The skills does not imply only for professional skills but personality, team building, communication and behavior is also focused. In regular interval short training programmes should be run to keep the employee motivated and enhancing knowledge.
  3. Collaboration Opportunities: Focus should be shifted from individuals to teams. To maintain a dynamic in office culture the different teams should be promoted. The ideology of “network of teams” should be imbibe in the culture for empowerment, strong communication and rapid flow of knowledge. Teams should be empowered to set their own goals and plan strategy within the broader purview of company’s strategy and aim.
  4. Culture of Ethics: The senior teams within organization should work towards clearing the toxic environment where negative ideologies are existing. Proper and active channels of communication should be built and implemented where employees are provided clarity and satisfaction. All employees from top to bottom should be encouraged to conduct ethical behavior and practices.

To create a winning employee engagement companies should develop proper strategies to develop professional competencies.

Why HR policies need to change with times?

At the time of industrialization human resource management was limited to the managing of labour wages and relations in respect to total hours of working and the quantity of work done. With the rising industrial disputes and formation trade unions it was realized that minimum working wages, standard working hours, workers leaves policy, minimum standard of health and safety was the prime agenda. Here the prime focus of any company’s HR policies was on managing the new organized labour.

Post the agricultural and the industrialization phase came the service economy. Here a paradigm shift was witness where the assessment of labour was not just done on the quantity but the quality of work done. So as a society we moved away from shop floor work to white collar and pink collar jobs. This economy pushed companies in search for new skills that can expand their consumers’ reachability, engage technology and identify those employers that can create and manage technology innovation. Finding and retaining such talent gave rise of Human Resource as a full-fledged separate company’s department whose role was to identify, hire and retain the right talent. Moreover this brought restructuring of HR policies where employers’ benefits were planned in respect to financial increment, bonus, hierarchical upgradation and performance in respect to sales and targets achieved.

Rising consumerism and emergence of various industries other than manufacturing such as banking, tourism, information technology, healthcare and consumer retailing services etc. demanded the change in ideology from ‘people in need of good company’ to ‘companies in need of good people’. The rise of people as an important stakeholder of businesses made human resource managers define policies through culture, system, process and structure in respect to equal opportunity for all, constructive working environment, promotion of individual and team work, empowerment through capacity building programs and quality of work in respect to satisfaction level. For this the HR team closely worked with communication, finance, IT and operations team to bring effective implementation of these policies.

Today, companies have realized that people as their brand managers, promoters of social responsibility, channel of consumer satisfaction and growth. This has led towards a step further where HR policies are being expanded to even employees families and special occasions in their lives where health & educational benefits, child day care facilities for working women, reframing of maternal benefits for both the parents, extended leave policies, flexible work timings, opportunities for the employees to explore their personal passion with the professional lives and some companies are even offering on-job sleeping and break taking initiatives to maintain the overall conducive environment.

The role of human resource personnel has also expanded where they are not only the communication channel between company’s management and employees but also between employees and company’s management thereby defining HR as people management process. Gamification is another emerging tool in recent times where not just training but company’s vision & mission, sales targets, employees’ growth and even expectation level of both company and employees are being managed.

To keep pace with the changing economies, social thought process and political geographies it has become necessary for companies to continuously redefine and innovative on their HR policies as only then they can map out their future strategies and implement present projects.