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Tips to choose a recruitment consultancy for career growth

Entering in to the professional world is a big leap in an individual’s life. We all know that it is one of the most crucial steps that you take towards deciding the professional segment that you want to proceed with. It is the first step towards structuring your career in the long run. While many go on self help mode and start applying for jobs on their own. We can advise you to take a constructive step in this front that will help you to a leap in this regard and stay ahead in the competition. Taking the help of a recruitment consultancy can help you gain a forward edge from others. The corresponding benefits of the consultancy are as follows.

  • The first and foremost advantage which you get when you get associated with a consultancy is that, they have a wider exposure of job opportunities available in a particular industry and location. Sometimes, there are opportunities available within the internal circles which are not advertised in the outer platforms. Your profile can end up for such exclusive positions if you get in touch with a consultancy.
  • Such firms help you frame your career in a more organized manner. If you are a fresher, then it is quite likely possible that you will not have the complete picture of the labor market for a specific industry. Such firms can give you a detailed insight of the same and advise you regarding the possible career profile available within a segment.
  • Randomly applying for jobs may not be a good idea if you are looking in to serious job hunting conditions. In such type of approach you will have to wait for longer period of time and the chances of profile selection is very little. With the assistance of the consultancy your profile lands up with the most effective position considerations and chances of getting an interview call increases significantly.
  • Getting in partnership with a consultancy helps to build up relationships. This improves the networking of the person. If you are in need for a job on an urgent basis then this type of networking can be very fruitful towards quicker recruitment.

With so many benefits, it is also essential to remember certain factors while considering a recruitment consultancy.

  • Do check for the area for expertise for such agencies. If your field is a specific with certain special skill sets then this initiative is very important towards your career growth.
  • If you are associated with more than one consultancy then do remember to inform the consultancies to take your consent before submitting your profile for a position. It might happen that your CV ends up twice with the employer from two different agencies. It is not a good impression for the profile.
  • If you are not very confident about your resume, then it is better to ask for assistance from these consultancies in order to stand out in the crowd.

New Age Employee Management

Workforce forms the basis of foundation for a company or organization. The productivity of employee base is the source of life for any business. But managing this segment of business has become tricky with time. Be it a small employee count of 20 people or a huge workforce for an international company, employee management is required for every organization. There are certain effective ways of doing so in modern times.

  • One of the primary initiatives that can be taken up for employee management is the flexibility at workplace. Small steps such as employee would be able to create their own schedule, work remotely from any location be it office or home and take up additional projects according to the ability and availability are some of the measures. In case of remote working conditions, there are certain communication apps such as Slack, Asana and Trello which contribute towards project and employee management at the same time. It should be a combination of collaboration and accountability.
  • There should be transparency within the organization regarding the processes and the management. A study says that 25% employee do not trust their employer due to lack of transparency. Keeping a clear view point regarding the work processes and impact of a certain managerial decision should be put forth with clear explanation.
  • Increasing efficiency through short interactive sessions and quick individual updates on daily work is a more effective approach than holding long meetings. Moreover it is also a huge waste of productive time. The more casual the approach towards reporting, the more effective the communication is. It also helps in indentifying any loopholes within the functionalities and helps in suggesting appropriate measures accordingly. All people within a team do not have the same set of abilities. So it is better to deal with individual employees in different ways.
  • A strong feedback system should be in place where employee can express their views without biasness. It helps in gaining creative ideas towards improving processes and it gives the employees a chance to contribute towards the entire company as a whole.
  • Building up of communities is an innovative approach towards employee management. The communities can be related to any social work such as education to rural people on weekend, tree plantation and distribution of education or medical aid and such like. It brings the employees and the management under the same roof. It can also be related to certain community work for the employees as well that involves family and friends.
  • The last but not the least is giving the provision for work life balance that is very important from productivity point of view. Thanks to our technological advancement in communication segment, the employees are reachable at any point of time. But this results in a chain up to the workplace scenario which increases stress and reduces the productivity. Giving out leaves after a project ends, sticking to the fixed work hour durations and flexibility is essential to curb this issue with affectivity.

Productivity Parameters for Recruiters

Traditional recruitment process has taken a back seat in recent times. With new trends influencing every industry across the globe, technology has advanced steadily that has impacted growth of every segment. With this the recruitment process has also remodelled itself to meet the increasing demand for candidate sourcing. It is no more about the experience and gut feeling of the hiring manager. The hiring process and candidates have been quantified with the help of certain parameters. Hence the performance of the recruiters can now be measured and evaluated based on below factors.

  • The first and foremost parameter that forms the basis of the recruitment success and effectiveness is the time to hire factor. It is the time span that is taken up by a recruiter for bringing in the candidate onboard. The duration is counted from the time the job posting goes live across various platforms to the successful placement of the candidates. Organizations which have a strong talent management process usually have the lowest time to hire quotient.
  • Next factor to consider is the sourcing channel. The conventional sources such as job portals and normal company database wherein candidates drop in their resume are no more sufficient to indentify talents. Recruiters need to build up their own network of talent sourcing which may include personal channels, following up with the referrals and a strong reaching out ability to the passive candidates. The third scenario is the toughest to handle as these candidates are not looking out for job change. Convincing them to the selection process and finally placing the offer is a strategic work that requires proper planning and discussion.
  • Next in line is the cost of hire. It includes the compensation and other benefits that are offered to the candidate. There are a few to things to consider in this case. In case of technical professionals where the skill availability is less, it is obvious that the demand for compensation will rise. But the recruiter needs to understand the budget and work accordingly in order to retain the candidate as well as sustain the company benefit.
  • Just recruitment of a resource now days are not enough to add value to the workforce. The recruiter needs to identify a resource that can adjust with the company work environment and connects with the brand so that learning and development investment of the company gets paid off.
  • The ratio of the current vacancies versus positions filled for a particular time period is a good parameter for recruiter ability judgement. It can either be measured monthly or quarterly depending on the company policy.
  • Offer acceptance ratio is another factor that reflects the performance of the recruiter in terms of convincing the candidate regarding the positions. It needs to be performed from the sales point of view for effective results.
  • Lastly, the gender mix should be considered for performance evaluation. Workforce diversity is an important aspect of employee base for every organization and that can be looked upon through this parameter.

Candidate Experience building up the branding image of the employer

It is a natural tendency that when a candidate attends an interview process, he or she discusses the experience with the family, friends and personal network. While it might sound trivial to many but the brand image reaches out to these people through these candidates. Whether the candidate gets selected or not, in both cases the information passed on by them is an important source of data in terms of company branding. Social media platforms are in high tide in recent times in terms of information gathering. Consequently it has been observed in a study that 70% candidates are put off by the negative comments and experiences which impacts the recruitment process. So in order to boost up the talent sourcing process it is essential to improve candidate experience quotient.

Creating an impression is not restricted to the candidates any more. It has become both ways for the employer as well. For the company the first impression created for the candidate is the job posting that appears on various portals and job boards. While it might sound trivial but the style of writing and information conveyed through the job description in these ads is the first impression created in front of a candidate. A study suggests that 75% applicants apply for a job when they are influenced by the look and feel of the job. The second factor that plays a key role towards candidate experience is the communication channel. A constant interaction with the candidate regarding the selection process build up the trust towards the brand and brings in a lot of transparency to the process. Lastly, the interview process should be streamlined and objectified so that the candidate is not made to sit for hours without any reason.

It is not always about the professionalism attached to the process. The candidate connects more to a brand when there is an interaction which is professional yet special. Be it the interview process or the communication regarding the selection process and extending the employment opportunity, it should be undertaken with utmost care and courtesy. Instead of making the entire recruitment process all about technical stuff, a touch of casualness such as asking about the day or how did the candidate reach the office or whether he or she was able to find the address properly goes a long way in building up appositive candidate experience.

The last but definitely not the least is the feedback system. Taking only initiatives does not help the purpose. Managing a proper feedback system is essential to completely understand the candidate experience scenario. Even if the candidate is not selected, that individual can be approached for a feedback regarding the process with an assurance that his or her profile is present in the talent pool and will be considered for other relevant vacancies. Even small advice on any miss points during the interview can also be conveyed. This builds up the positive candidate experience which goes a long way.

Evolution of Purpose Driven Professional

The employment market has become stiffly competitive with rising corporate demand and changing industry and market trends. When companies are involving new concepts such as workforce diversity, human resource management system, application tracking system in to the HR segment, it becomes essential for the professional to prepare themselves for the upcoming competitive market. So it becomes essential to evolve as a purpose driven professional in order to secure the job profile as well as increase the boundary of performance to retain the position. There are few measures to consider in this case which are as follows.

  • The first step towards this approach is to choose a career opportunity which influences your potential and shows your capabilities to the fullest. It is basically selecting a career path that you really want to get involved with rather than just a family or environment condition. In this way you will enjoy your work and flourish in your profile.
  • After you join a company do not restrict your knowledge gain to the company day to day work process. Reading about what goes on in the segment you are associated with broadens the horizon of your knowledge. Get in to workshops and seminars that are associated with your field in order to gain insight and it is sure to reflect in your performance that helps in your career growth the long run.
  • During intermediate break time, indulge in small discussions regarding the industry or current affairs related your industry with team members or managers. You will be able to gain useful insights through these discussions and your senior take notice of your interest and involvement.
  • While it is good to involve yourself at work, but that does not mean that you work day and night and forget about your personal life. While many professional make this common mistake that working late hours actually counts towards your dedication. But in most cases it is the opposite. It might appear that you are incapable of completing your work within office hours and slogging late after work. This impression is not good especially when you are new in a company.
  • Do not restrict yourself to your job profile only. Keep an interest on other responsibilities that are handled by other people within your team. This shows your interest towards contributing to the internal processes of the team and company.
  • Motivation is a good way to create a positive vibe within the team. It is always beneficial to willingly extend help towards team members for certain tasks. This recognizes your skill set that is rare within the team and your attitude towards team play and motivation.
  • Lastly, creative thinking is a positive approach towards building up the purpose driven professional image. It not only helps in showcasing your abilities in your current job role but also open up opportunities for future decision making responsibilities.

The competition is intense and purpose driven professionalism is a perfect way to ensure career growth in the long run.

The Recruitment Funnel – the effective approach combating talent scarcity scenario

The recruitment industry constantly faces the challenge to find the right talent with right functionality. Due to diversification of the industries and domains, there is a massive requirement of niche and top notch professionals who have the knowledge about recent industry trends and technological innovations. But sourcing of such talents has become a tedious task for the recruitment firms and hiring managers. However, the new concept of recruitment funnel has evolved in recent times that can source the talented candidates through a steady pipeline. The framework of recruitment funnel involves five major steps, namely, Employment Brand, Sourcing, Candidate Experience, Candidate Selection and Insight.

  • Employment Branding refers to the company’s exposure as an employer in terms of work environment, compensation, employee benefits and such like. The unemployment is at its lowest rate in current times. One needs to understand that candidates now have multiple opportunities at hand when they consider employment. According to published sources, 56% employers who have a strong employment branding usually are preferred by candidates. So it is essential to keep track of a company’s brand value in terms of a recruiter. Based on this research a detailed layout of Employee Value Proposition should be structured and implemented within the organization.
  • Next is a highly effective sourcing process. Two major trends currently making rounds in the recruitment industry are tight labour market and multiple opportunities leading to high iteration rate. It has been observed that millennial altered their employment 15 to 20 times in their entire career. Hence the sourcing process should be dynamic in order to retain and engage the existing talent in a positive manner. Application Tracking System (ATS) is an effective approach for this initiative.
  • After taking up the first two initiatives, there is a need to build up the candidate experience in terms of brand knowledge. The content that is available on social media platforms, job boards and professional networks are a good source of interaction with the candidates. Some part of social media interaction is covered during sourcing, so it better to concentrate on application and interview process during this stage. The job posting should be structured in a way that represents a lucrative offer for the candidates. The application process should be made convenient and multichannel at the same time. Candidates should be able to apply for the job on the go especially through mobile phones.
  • Candidate selection process should be streamlined. One of the first pointers to note is that whether the resume is coming in with a cover letter. This shows the seriousness of the candidate as well as highlighted achievements relevant to the job role. Various online tools are present that can evaluate the technical and soft skills of the candidate before calling in for a face to face interview round.
  • The last stage of the funnel is gaining Insight. The market and industry need to be regularly monitored in order to tweak the recruitment model according to trend changes.

Work Life Balance – The need of the hour for professionals

Today’s world is all about a fast paced lifestyle accompanied with technological support which has made everything at the fingertip. People across the globe are now connected at all times through social media and many other platforms all thanks to internet revolution. This has also taken its place in the corporate world. Technology and connectivity has propagated flexibility of work along with ease of communication. But amidst all these developments, there are certain impacts which have taken a toll on an individual’s life format. Working professionals are not really leaving from work; they are actually taking their office with them and carry it around 24×7. This has impacted the health of an individual due to build in stress, exhaustion and fatigue. Hence we put forth certain measures that can be very helpful towards work life balance maintenance.

  • First and foremost thing to keep in mind for every working professional is that nobody is perfect. You cannot always perform to the 100% mark. As human beings we are all bound to make mistakes which are very practical. But there are many professionals who always want to give their perfect output which adds to the stress when they cannot deliver. You need to accept the fact that errors happen and need to let go of striving for perfection.
  • As mentioned earlier that technology has facilitated easiness and work but it has also given accessibility at all times which has led to the never ending work session. It feels that you do not leave from office at all. This after a certain period of time becomes over whelming which brings in stress and other mental and physical health problems. So it is essential that you unplug yourself from office. Sometimes it is essential to switch off the mobile and laptop and enjoy the moment without any technology to reduce unwanted stress.
  • Health and fitness has become an important aspect of today’s life as people suffer from various mental and physical problems due to work pressure. So it is essential to indulge in certain physical activities to keep the system active and detoxified. It helps in better health and stress management.
  • It is essential to keep a routine of the tasks which needs to be done at specific time intervals. Also there should be a list of tasks which are on top priority. Basically organization of day to day work according to importance and time limit reduce unwanted time wastage so that you can complete your tasks and leave from office on time.
  • Structuring life at both personal and professional end is also essential. There are some tasks which need to be outsourced at some point if you have a job where you need to put in higher effort. This can be anything such as laundry, car washing, house maintenance, cooking and such like.
  • Lastly if you have started some healthy initiatives in your day to day lifestyle, keep it small initially and build it up with time. This can be either a particular diet or physical regime.

Team Building – The edifice of organizational structure

Team building is commonly referred to as recruitment of certain individuals who will collectively work towards achieving a specific set of tasks and projects. But the actual interpretation of this concept is way different. In actual terms it is referred to as a set of activities undertaken by an organization towards development of social interactions and communication within teams as well as other work groups. It mostly involves collective activities which can be related to the work or sometimes fun and creative activities as well. It is a type of training that improves the functionality and efficiency of a team to a significant level. The importance of this approach is as follows.

  • The activities conducted under team building initiative primarily helps in improving the communication levels between individuals within work groups as well as other teams’ members. This improves the work environment to a great extent by making the work culture friendly and informative at the same time.
  • As per research it has been observed that people tend to generate more creative ideas and contribute proactively within work environment when they are comfortable among their team members. Hence team building activities are a direct contributor towards generation of innovation and creativity.
  • It motivates people towards building up the team spirit which increase the fun of work and celebration of a successful project.
  • It generates a healthy competitive environment where in people strive for the best in a way that show cases their talent and contribution that becomes the source of others inspiration as well.
  • It helps in indentifying the strengths and weaknesses within a team. In this way it aids in striking the right balance of skill sets that is essential towards project management and boosting the performance of the team as a whole. It is a direct contributor of productivity increase and performance enhancement.
  • Channelizing information within team members increase the flow of information and facilitates knowledge sharing that helps in better management. Team building is a positive initiative towards building this approach.

With this, it is essential to keep certain elements in mind while conducting team building activities.

  • Even before deciding on the team building activities, the objectives should be clearly laid out for the same. There should be clear indicators and bench marks for this type of approach. A leader role should also be nominated beforehand so that, he or she can supervise the entire process systematically.
  • Commitment is an essential element in this regard. One should understand that this initiative is not for personal rewards and benefits only. It is rather a team approach to gain insight and rewards collectively.
  • Communication as mentioned earlier is the key to success in team building initiative. The participating individuals should have the clear understanding of the initiative, its purpose and end result in order to gain desirable results.
  • Lastly, rewards and appreciation is essential in this case. It helps in building up the confidence, urge to perform and give the best.

Personal grooming for better corporate impression

Corporate grooming is an essential element of professionalism now days. All companies need their employees to be presentable in a proper manner that is in line with the work culture and ethics of the corporate structure. One thing which needs to be kept in mind is that there is nothing like a perfect look. Not all people in the world are blessed with ideal height, body and looks. But dressing and presenting oneself according to the body structure brings out the confidence and creates a proper impression in front of seniors as well as clients. Many people think that wearing expensive clothes and well finished makeup only builds up the corporate grooming segment. Well it is definitely not the case. We present to you the following list of things for the corporate grooming for men and women.

Male grooming pointers :

  • Fashion is not always about women, it includes men too. So keep your eyes open and it would not hurt if you go through certain magazines that feature menswear for casual and business purpose. Though it might sound a bit self-indulgent to all you men out there, but it is essential. One example of fashion trend is that straight trousers are quite a hit now; pants with pleats are now obsolete. Many variations of shirts are currently in fashion and the world is moving towards a semi formalwear trend.
  • Shorter hair is always preferred. If you manage to tame down longer hair with a proper style then that can work too. But please try to keep yourself away from bright hair colours and over the top styles. Sometimes, we all feel like going wild, but keep those things temporary so that you can get to normal overnight.
  • Leather footwear is always professional and in. Wearing standard length socks along with it adds to the formal look.
  • Accessories in terms of pen, handkerchief, belt and watch go well with professional look. Invest some good money in getting a professional looking watch and pen especially as it creates a great impression always.
  • Sometimes, casual wear is also present in the work environment. It is better not to go over the top with ripped jeans, T-shirts with loud colours and such like. Keep it modest with a jeans and standard T-shirt with a collar preferably.

Women grooming pointers :

  • In terms of clothes, women do have a wide range of options in the formal wear segment. Formal pencil or A-line skirts, trousers, Indian formal in terms of salwar suits, sarees and the list goes. You can pick whatever you are comfortable with but avoid too bright colours and heavy patchwork and related stuff.
  • Hair style for a girl has no such boundaries for professional look. But please make sure that your hair is always combed properly and carry a comb at all times. Make sure that you hair does not fall on your face.
  • Make up should enhance your looks rather than looking like a mask over your face. Matt finish is ideal. It can also go for a slightly dewy look as well. Flashy eye shadows are to be avoided.
  • Pick your shoes that goes with your clothing but keep out of too much high heel or flashy ones.
  • Lastly accessorise yourself with an elegant chain and pendant, ear tops, elegant ring, leather belt and so on. There are a lot of options in this case.

Organizational Behaviour – The new step towards corporate understanding

Organizational behaviour refers to the study or research of interaction between people within groups or in an organization. This type of research or study is usually conducted to make an attempt to create a well stimulated organizational structure and environment. It is a scientific approach which can be effectively utilized for workforce management in a proper manner. It usually has three different levels which are

  • Micro level which takes place among individuals within an organization
  • Meso level taking place between work groups
  • Macro level which is how an organization behaves as a whole.

The concept of organizational behaviour is based on two important elements. They are nature of people and nature of the organization. Both these elements have their own characteristics.

Nature of people

Factors impacting this element are as follows

  • Individual approach is the primary aspect of this element. In this a thumb rule is followed wherein a manager or supervisor approaches each and every team member individually. This approach helps in eliminating any biasness within the structure.
  • Perception is build up based on the observation, listening to the individual and deriving a conclusion based on first two pointers. It is the logical interpretation of a behavioural pattern.
  • Determining the personal traits based on the entire behavioural pattern is essential in this case. Only judging a person based on a technical skill is not enough to evaluate the capabilities of that person. It is important to evaluate other elements such as soft skills, problem solving and other traits.
  • Self motivating individuals are a big plus to any team. These people not only put in their complete effort in to each task, they also motivate others within the team.
  • Value of a person should be determined in terms of skill set, contribution and professionalism.

Nature of organization

Characteristics of this element are as follows.

  • The social system of every organization forms the basic foundation of this element. It is the approach of social connections of a company with other firms. It is usually divided in to two types, formal and informal. Formal communication is related to official celebrations and club meetings. Informal ones are mostly basic interaction between groups of people.
  • Mutual interest is another element of necessity under this case. It is evident that an organization needs human resources to survive and people need organizations to flourish and cater to career growth. This understanding on both sides is considered as mutual interest. This helps both the parties to reach their respective goals in a systematic and profitable manner which is stable and long term.
  • Ethics is one of the key aspects of organizational nature. While it is very important to strategise on revenue generation and business expansion, it should not be channelized through illegal practices. It might seem profitable at first but in the long run it slows down the progress and ultimately may result in a complete loss.

Organizational behaviour is the combination of above elements that keep the corporate structure stable and smoothly functional.