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Restructuring the Recruitment Process

One fact with which we all agree is that all major industries are facing skill crunch where the even the top most companies are unable to find the kind of talent or caliber they look for. Our interactions with the hiring managers have shown that through a typical recruitment process they are able to find good pool of potential candidate but still a lot has to be changed to bring on the Best Candidate in an efficient way and time.

But figuring out what has to be changed is still needs more understanding and debate.

Some of the areas which I feel can be focused to change the Recruitment Process.

  1. The Big Change: we stress that we need make the Big Technology change. Agreed that we have been able to make a huge transformation by bringing data management on cloud and improvising on the processes through technology. But now what actually is required is bringing in Stakeholder Engagement and Communication on a common platform. We need to build direct interactions with the potential candidates where more than their resumes their past performance and future potential can speak. The recruitment consultants can evaluate candidates on not just resumes but what the candidate actually holds. So we have to think of a technological change that can bring in direct and live interface between the stakeholders
  2. Tell your story: Nothing sells more than a story. We all somewhere or the other love a story where we picture ourselves in that story. Similarly even for a job potential candidates must be shown how this specific story is meant for them. We need a mindset change from “I need a job” to “we need you” whenever we are competing for top talent. Whenever candidates are coming for the interview the hiring managers should tell them the story why they will be perfect for the job and how their skills can be essential.
  3. Look for permutation and combination: Try out for new type of skills and experience that they think can click and bring our desired results. We may always not succeed 100% but definitely can increase our success bracket. A whole new ingredient can change a dish taste so why not testing the new skills.
  4. All about building relations: Recruitment is known to be a People industry where every day we build relations. So the focus should be on building these relations as the best relations. We need to start defining what we want from our customer experience be it client or candidate. This will definitely improve the mindset and can further define our SWOT Analysis.
  5. Data Analysis: The industry holds the real time data of people with their past history. So we in the industry domain should think of utilizing this data for better evaluation. The data present with the industry is still un-utilized to a large extent and the industry is still figuring the best possible ways to utilize the data to the maximum.

It’s all about creating winning Employee Experience

Along with profits, performance and technology the other aspect which has emerged as an important factor for business growth is creating a winning employee experience. It’s high time for organization to give employee experience its due recognition which is very crucial for an effective Talent Acquisition and Talent Retention Strategy.

In today’s time, even the internal employees are also seen possible consumer to attract and retain. They have become the customers of so called “Workplace as an Experience” which companies are selling to emerge as a bigger brand.

We all are aware that internal employees are coming up as the biggest brand ambassadors where they advocate about the company image. So creating a social, mobile and positive experience has become vital.

Creating a winning employee experience though do entails providing recreational facilities in office space for relaxation but it also means reinventing work structure and process. When we speak of reinventing work structure and processes we do include technology innovation for making business operation simple and fast and also includes the work environment.

Under work environment we speak of significant issues such as performance management, learning and leading opportunities, collaboration opportunities, culture of ethic etc. These are focus areas which can create a winning environment:

  1. Performance Management: Companies should re-design the way conduct their performance management. Performance management should be given a positive approach where employees strengthens can be highlighted. Performance rating scale should be incorporated where employee should be accessed on strengths, capacity to learn, seizing opportunity, communication, creativity, obedience etc.
  2. Learning & Leading Opportunities: Learning and Development has become a core functionality within organizations where extensively is worked upon improve the work skills of employees. The skills does not imply only for professional skills but personality, team building, communication and behavior is also focused. In regular interval short training programmes should be run to keep the employee motivated and enhancing knowledge.
  3. Collaboration Opportunities: Focus should be shifted from individuals to teams. To maintain a dynamic in office culture the different teams should be promoted. The ideology of “network of teams” should be imbibe in the culture for empowerment, strong communication and rapid flow of knowledge. Teams should be empowered to set their own goals and plan strategy within the broader purview of company’s strategy and aim.
  4. Culture of Ethics: The senior teams within organization should work towards clearing the toxic environment where negative ideologies are existing. Proper and active channels of communication should be built and implemented where employees are provided clarity and satisfaction. All employees from top to bottom should be encouraged to conduct ethical behavior and practices.

To create a winning employee engagement companies should develop proper strategies to develop professional competencies.

Why HR policies need to change with times?

At the time of industrialization human resource management was limited to the managing of labour wages and relations in respect to total hours of working and the quantity of work done. With the rising industrial disputes and formation trade unions it was realized that minimum working wages, standard working hours, workers leaves policy, minimum standard of health and safety was the prime agenda. Here the prime focus of any company’s HR policies was on managing the new organized labour.

Post the agricultural and the industrialization phase came the service economy. Here a paradigm shift was witness where the assessment of labour was not just done on the quantity but the quality of work done. So as a society we moved away from shop floor work to white collar and pink collar jobs. This economy pushed companies in search for new skills that can expand their consumers’ reachability, engage technology and identify those employers that can create and manage technology innovation. Finding and retaining such talent gave rise of Human Resource as a full-fledged separate company’s department whose role was to identify, hire and retain the right talent. Moreover this brought restructuring of HR policies where employers’ benefits were planned in respect to financial increment, bonus, hierarchical upgradation and performance in respect to sales and targets achieved.

Rising consumerism and emergence of various industries other than manufacturing such as banking, tourism, information technology, healthcare and consumer retailing services etc. demanded the change in ideology from ‘people in need of good company’ to ‘companies in need of good people’. The rise of people as an important stakeholder of businesses made human resource managers define policies through culture, system, process and structure in respect to equal opportunity for all, constructive working environment, promotion of individual and team work, empowerment through capacity building programs and quality of work in respect to satisfaction level. For this the HR team closely worked with communication, finance, IT and operations team to bring effective implementation of these policies.

Today, companies have realized that people as their brand managers, promoters of social responsibility, channel of consumer satisfaction and growth. This has led towards a step further where HR policies are being expanded to even employees families and special occasions in their lives where health & educational benefits, child day care facilities for working women, reframing of maternal benefits for both the parents, extended leave policies, flexible work timings, opportunities for the employees to explore their personal passion with the professional lives and some companies are even offering on-job sleeping and break taking initiatives to maintain the overall conducive environment.

The role of human resource personnel has also expanded where they are not only the communication channel between company’s management and employees but also between employees and company’s management thereby defining HR as people management process. Gamification is another emerging tool in recent times where not just training but company’s vision & mission, sales targets, employees’ growth and even expectation level of both company and employees are being managed.

To keep pace with the changing economies, social thought process and political geographies it has become necessary for companies to continuously redefine and innovative on their HR policies as only then they can map out their future strategies and implement present projects.

Steps to follow when you are looking for a job

Are you a job seeker? Are you looking for any job change? Then, the first thing you do is to looking for a job change. There are certain things that you should keep in mind while you are looking for a job change. It will help you find the best result in job search and it will surely make a huge difference in your career. So, what are you waiting for? You should always look for easy and simple steps to find the job change fruitful.

Step 1: Update your resume: You should update your resume and make it more professional so that everyone can have a look into your resume and you will get a perfect response from the resume. Resume needs to be marketed so that YOU as a brand get a job in a good company.

Step 2: Enroll with placement firm- You should enroll with the placement firm to get calls from them so that you can attend the interview and get placed in a reputed company. Enrolling with this firm will give you 100% assurance to get the job.

Step 3: Update your profile in job portal- You should update the information on the job portal. It will definitely make a good impression in the eyes of the employer. You can get calls directly from the employer or from placement firms.

These are the three crucial steps that you need to follow while you are looking for a job change. It is very important for today and you definitely get a way to grab your dream job. It is really a good thing for your career growth and you can actually make a great result. If you are really worth for your job role, then the companies are always ready to give you the best that you can ask for.

Steps to follow in recruitment process

Recruitment is a part of HR department work. They follow a pattern of recruitment and this pattern differs from one company to another. In this recruitment process, it is very important that HR takes the concern of a company as well take the words of the candidate very seriously. After all, the candidate will bring real worth to the company. It is really effective and the company will flourish in a positive way. Hence, HR should always take into consideration of both the parties and create a balance inside the company so that a company witness a continuous growth.

When there is a vacant position in a company, then the HR department either source out the position to placement agencies or work internally to appoint the candidate. They first go through first round of interview and then suitable candidates are shortlisted from the 1st round and are asked for 2nd round of interview with the head of the individual department of a company. Once the candidate pass the interview, then they are given the confirmation about the interview result. Some companies also take written test followed by group discussion and this totally differs from company to company.

The candidate should be smart, confident and set a positive thought towards the company. It will help you to face the interview and challenges in a positive way. Even if you are not selected, then you will try for better opportunities and one failure will not break you. It is very important for candidate to be around with positive mind. The recruitment process can go long and so you need to have patience so that you can deal with interview dilemma and be tension free.

These days, interviews are taken digitally I.e. through telephone or SKYPE. So, if it is telecom interview, then you should be polite with your voice and choose a place where the surrounding is peaceful so that you can attend the interview peacefully. If it SKYPE interview, then you should choose a background that is decent and you should dress well to look presentable. These ideas definitely work the best to get through the interview and you can get the dream job.

Placement firm and its importance

Placement firm is a kind of firm where the companies will get the help to find good employees. Candidates and jobseekers will find their dream job because they act as a bridge between the candidate and companies. These firms sort the candidates for the reputed companies in the available job position. Accordingly, they work hard to find the best opportunities for the both side and fulfill the requirement. In a way, you will get the benefit to join hands with placement firms and see the solution.

There are many placement firms in the market, but to choose the best one you need to find the best one only through research. It will help you find the best one with good reputation in the creation of 100% job placement. These firms collect and maintain the database of the candidates and look for the clients vacant job role and accordingly schedule the interview so that they can get the help and accordingly make sure that the firms help the candidates in a proper way.

The experts or HR professionals work in these firms are well talented, smart and active to handle and become the bridge of them. These experts maintain the cordial relationship with both of them and always ready to help each other. They are talented and knowledgeable to understand the external factors and accordingly take the decision to organize the interview schedule and this is definitely a great way to get the job for the candidate and the companies will get the eligible candidate for the vacant job position.

What are you waiting for? Both companies and candidates can join their hands and get the best opportunity respectively so that both of you can help each other.

The work of a HR agency

The work of a HR agency is not only to hire the candidate and to meet targets in a month or in a year. It is much more than these things above. The HR of the agency start their with:

  1. sorting the numbers of the candidates
  2. Make suitable calls to all the jobseekers
  3. Check the office database and find out the list of candidates
  4. Then make a call to these candidates and then confirm the interview
  5. Talk with the employer and get the notification of vacant position
  6. Schedule the interview as per the compatibility of both the parties

These are the listed jobs that they prefer to do and in a way help both candidates and employers to get the job. It will actually help you to get acknowledgment from both of them. The employers become their potential client so that the hr agency give them the best candidates for the vacant job position. It is very important for you to handle the situation and keep a balance between the candidate and the employer.

Before anyone hire the service of this agency, it is very important to take on a complete research of the service and you will get the hands in a proper way. The research work is very important because it is just the way help you choose the right decision and will give you excellent service. So, the employer can rely on them and find out the best employment service. A HR firm will help you in all possible manner to get you find the right candidate for the job position and you will find the candidate that worth for the job role.

Global placements and the services

Getting rightly placed in a reputed company is a dream of all jobseekers. It is very important to join the hands of these placement agencies and get the best job of your career. They are very supportive and global placements always make sure that your placement in a good company gives you 100% job satisfaction. You will definitely get a positive feedback if you get the job from this placement services. They are really worth for you to give the job and in return will see you grow confidently without much a problem. This is definitely a good solution of you and it will actually help you grow in the future for a better job secure.

The placement agencies scrutiny all the applications perfectly and then help you face the interview with the interviewer. Shortlisted candidates sit for the interview and you will get the opportunity to get the job position if everything goes well. It will actually help you in a great way and enhance the confidence in you. Therefore, the agencies work hard to place you in a good company so that you can settle down yourself and secure the job position.

The choice of a placement service depends on your research. This research will actually help you find the best placement service. You can talk with the expert and they will definitely help you and will give you a a better understanding of the process to find a good job. It will actually make you confident on the same and so this will definitely solve your problem. So, there is nothing to worry and there will be all types of assistance and this will actually make you a confident person and surely the employer also trust this service provider so that they get the best candidate for their job role.

3 ways to choose placement agencies

There are many placement agencies in the market. But, how to choose who is the best? Whom to trust? How much worth will your investment be? All these questions pop up in your mind and these questions are really very hard to answer and for this one need to research. Your ability to research will help you find what is good and what is bad and then accordingly, take the decision. It is just the right choice for you to select and decide who is the best?

  1. Years of experience- Check the years of experience to find out their base in this industry and how they manage to offer the best opportunity to both candidate and employer I.e. the real part. It will definitely help you in the long run and this years of experience will actually help you find what is right and wrong.
  2. Guarantee service- You need to check whether they provide 100% placement opportunity or not. If yes, then you can actually go for the service to find the right candidate for your business. Even, the aspirants can find good companies to join and fulfill the need of their dream job.
  3. Price package- Compare the service package of the agencies and then take up the decision to choose which is good, reasonable and effective for your pocket. So, beware of any fake services and rather choose the right one

So, what are you waiting for? You can keep in mind these factors and accordingly you will find the best placement agency and then move ahead with your decision. You can even take the reference from close ones so that you get a first hand information and it will actually fulfill your need to find the right placement of the candidates in the best company.

The staffing solutions for your company

What are staffing solutions? Well, this is a kind of solutions where the service providers offer staffs and employment opportunity. It will actually help the companies to get the employees very easily without any hassle. The staffing solution providers take the responsibility to employ the service providers with the best candidates. They are really good at the service and gives any room to complaint. In the staffing solutions, they work hard to sort candidates as per the clients requirements. They also study the background of the clients and get into the details of the business. Accordingly, they will categorize the candidates for the vacant position and schedule the interview.

Through staffing solution, you will get the best employees with good background research and the help is inevitable. You will always find a solution where you can get 100% genuine employee. You will get instant help and once you notify the service provider with the vacant position you will get good candidates that are shortlisted for the vacant position. The service provider will conduct the interview and then accordingly the thing will proceed. It is really a great solution for the companies who do not have time to find the employee for the vacant position.

These days, you can find these service providers through online and you will get the opportunity to search them in an easy way. So, there is nothing to worry and you can take the help of these service providers to find the genuine candidate for the vacant job position. Hence, you will get the best way to deal with the service provider and it will actually fulfill all your requirement and will help you in the long run to work with the employees and get the best productivity of the service.