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Ways of Employee Monitoring

Remote employees are those who perform their work schedules in a distant location from their traditional office. The companies may have group-members who generally works in the remote areas only. Remote jobs also deals in the offers of work from home or work from different sites virtually or physically but the distinctive feature in this facility deals with the work schedules that have being fixed by not visiting the office.

Remote jobs for the employees have several advantages. For instance the costs to the employees by the organizations reduces in a great margin, which lead both the employees and the employers to enjoy the extra expenses of the amenities that were being considered to be the chief add on to the profit of the company. Similarly, it also increases the productivity by the employees as they can work from their comfort zones and the absenteeism also reduces to a great extent. The disadvantages in working remotely also act as in a priority list. The employees are minimally connected that to via Skype, LinkedIn or by some other platforms. These employees gets very limited chances to interact with each other, which sometimes act as a major disadvantage in the field of performing the task that has being assigned by the organizations. In the case of remote working employees, they fails to concentrate appropriately and fails to work in the proper given or allotted timings, their so-called ‘work-mode’ starts whenever they feels like, which also causes distractions towards the work. However, out of few disadvantages, one can balance his/her life schedules according to their perspectives to their life.

In the recent world of economy, any company can flourish in a sound manner with the help of the remote employees as the talent lies from all around the globe. Improving the remote employees improves the morality, productivity and the cohesion of team. Monitoring the remote employees is one of the challenging tasks for the members of the organizations. For an instance, company associated must have proper rapport with the remote employees and taking suggestions for some issues of the company. Scheduling must be in a balanced state as for dealing with the remote employees. Video calling or voice calling are being entertained by the companies for being in a communication For maintaining the good relationship with the remote employees, the company should have work on the networking sites of both the employees and the employers. If the face to face get-together is possible the company must have take an initiative for arranging such  a party and if it still not possible, the company must take an initiative for the get-together via video calling in Skype or in any other medium.

The dos and don’ts at first few days of your job

Every professional in his or her life time undergoes the process of joining a new profile within an organization. While it brings in high levels of excitement, there is a lot of anticipation related to it. A few years back with the traditional recruitment process, after joining an organization, people used to concentrate on first impression strategy towards reporting managers and team. In recent times, this has gone a bit further with modern day recruitment and selection. You should keep in mind that recruitment agencies who undertake the hiring process also stay in touch with the organization and its concerned employees who are associated with the new recruit. They keep a constant flow of feedback and opinion from the reporting managers and related people. So, as you look in to creating a good impression, you have to keep the point of feedback of the recruitment agencies in mind as well. Hence, we give to you a list of do’s and don’ts during the first few days of your new employment.

  • Keep calm. As it may sound off beat but it’s true. No one expects you to perform right from day one. They will not give you a ton of work. The first week goes around orientation program and paperwork. Spend a certain time familiarizing with the environment and employees under or with whom you will be working. This is a good start to understand the work culture and flow of certain things.
  • Emotional preparation is essential when you are in for a job change. So it is better that you keep a gap between leaving the old workplace and joining the new one. Don’t rush yourself from one place to another. It increases unwanted stress.
  • Although many research about work culture within an organization during interview preps, it is better to do so once more before you join by talking to the regular employees.
  • Initial days are very important towards image building. So proper grooming and dress up is crucial.
  • The recess time is a good way to interact with other people. It is better to use that time to break the ice.
  • Lastly, positive attitude towards work along with enthusiasm towards new tasks is essential. Smaller details like punctuality, extending a helping hand without being asked and team play attitude goes a long way towards career building.

While we talked about the things to follow, there are certain stuffs which should be off limits.

  • Do not show an attitude that depicts that you know it all. Even if you know how to do a particular task, if a person is explaining, try to be attentive and involved in the session.
  • It is understandable that new place and new people can be uncomfortable at times. But complaining on that issue right at the first few days is very unethical. Try to be a bit more considerate and understanding.
  • Do not show that you are too naive to understand what exactly you should do. Some things need to be figured out on your own.
  • Lastly do not fall in to informal group discussions that direct towards the company issues or any person in particular. You never know you may be marked as a problem creator.

HR Plan Has To Be A Complete SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is very important part in the management level. When it comes to HR department, following this method becomes important in today’s scenario to bring the best quality and helps your business to grow and you can hire the right candidate for the company clients. HR department is given a definite budget to retain the best talent pool with in-house experience.


Strength of a company- It is a duty of an HR department to understand the company’s strength and it will actually help to act accordingly. This will strengthen the company’s role and one will find a departmental work process stronger and find the diversity of work and talent.

Weakness of a company- Understanding and identifying the weakness of the company so that the department can work on the same and bring the best result. It will actually help you understand the flaws and work on the same to achieve success in the future.

Opportunities- Finding the right opportunities is very important and grabbing the same is also very important. It will help you find the good opportunities and it will help you find the right job methods and this will give you the confidence to perform the actual process of work.

Threats- To know the threats it is important to stay alert and get into the best heads of the process. It will define the work in a better way and it will encourage you to face the threats and win over them.

Business Case Story Telling………Anyone?

Business case examples largely expressing an organization’s methodology adopted towards a challenging issue such as attracting new community of consumers, tackling internal conflict situations for productivity or technology engagement for better services are largely discussed during client briefing or public forums. The marketing and communication team of organizations extensively develop on the concept so as to create a dialogue of self-achievement among clients, competitors and consumers. These case studies also help in attracting new business and creating a positive brand image with society.

The process of business case story telling can also be incorporated as an internal tool for seeking solutions and finding new ways of doing things. The HR department in collaboration with the communication team can create a bank or select potential cases of business that the organization have faced and the methodology adopted at that time for self-reflection. These case studies can be further shared with aligning teams and a point of discussion can be formulated where employees as team and individual can contribute towards the situational analysis, potential areas of challenge and sustainable way forward from each difficult area.

This as a part of learning & development can be a winning situation for both the company and employee. As for the company it is an opportunity to look at the same challenge from diverse perspective and a new vision of possibility towards the problem. While for an employee this mean building constructive approach and implementation plan against a futuristic difficult situation and also enhancing critical thinking at personal level.

Hence business case story telling can prove to be influential in internal operations where from time to time companies can build on their past strategies and look for enhanced solutions by re-working on the same problem and develop effective implementation plans.

The Role of Community Manager

Lot of companies to increase their brand penetration in the market have hired community manager who works on social media platforms to promote the company image. Over time, their role has become significant for customer engagement, retaining sales, increasing market base etc.

So let us in detail mention the role of a community manager:

1. Expansion

The priority task of a community manager is to expand the customer base to indirectly affect the profits base. They have to think of promotional ideas or activities that generate interest among customer to relate with the organization product and services.

2. Communicate

Next in line comes the communication part where they have to formulate messages that build relations with stakeholders. Communication becomes a key relationship which further facilitates trust. Hence, to build trust with organization right communication to all its partners should be stimulated.

3. Engagement

With communication one should also engage with its stakeholders to sustain interest. Feedbacks and social media analytics form a crucial tool of engagement. A community manager should be equipped to deal with tricky situations to keep the engagement level high.

4. Improvement

There is no better tool than self-reflection to improve. A community manager should conduct monitoring exercises with its community to gage the current status of the organization. This helps the organization to understand its potential target community and areas of improvement.

A community manager gives voice to an organization in the public domain. It helps in building a relationship with community which directly or indirectly defines your business growth. Thus, its role is to build a community that lasts.

Planning to Improve Performance Management System?

In due course of time, performance management from being an annual process have shifted to be a continuous process. Months on months strategies to improve performances are thought by the management teams. It has become a continuous process of setting goals and evaluating progress.

An effective performance management system to set clear expectations and mechanisms to improve work process needs to be continuous to be sustainable and to bring better results. To devise an effective performance management strategy we should consider the below steps:

  1. Planning:
  • Identifying the expectations as per organization current structure and culture. Set the plan as per existing organization size, financial status, market position and culture.
  • Calculate measures to evaluate the results before implementation. Think of all possible situations and solutions that might bloom in future.
  • Set regular intervals for evaluations to be updated about the progress of strategy.
  • It is very important the document the plan to refer for the future
  • Communication the plan to the teams and department for effectiveness
  1. Monitoring:
  • Monitor the process through measures set in the planning phase.
  • Include feedbacks to reflect on the actions implemented to improve performance management
  • Be open to changes even in initial phase of implementation to improve on the plan
  • Use data to take crucial decisions
  • Develop a regular reporting cycle so as to keep significant information updated
  1. Evaluation
  • Summarize the accomplishments against the goals set. This should include capturing key results and shortfalls of each objectives.
  • Build a learning environment to learn through cross-departments ideas.
  • Design a suitable compensation system for rewarding benchmarks.
  • Embark collaborative decision-making for future actions.

With this process you can built robust performance management system to bring sustainability in organization.

Motivation at work…still a struggle

Motivation at work does no last for long. No matter how hard we try there are situations which challenge us and reduce our interest towards work. However as the famous saying goes “People often say that motivation does not last. Well, neither does bathing-that’s why we recommend it daily” we need to understand that our motivation is our part; whether we keep it or lose it is our own decision. So what’s the routine of keeping up the daily motivation?

  1. Learn a new skill

To keep up the interest understand what other areas, job and work surround your work. Whether it’s marketing, financing, data research or reporting try to interact with the people working on the interrelated functions and grasp the existing function skills. This will help in learning not only a new skill but also assist in contributing efficiently to the work you are doing and when you do good you feel good.

  1. Do not drain yourself

Realize the importance of team work. By keeping things to yourself you are mentally and physically draining yourself. Divide the work within teams accordingly. Even if team work is not possible then divide your work priority or day wise. A calendar helps you keep things in control. When some things are beyond your control; then accept them. As, it is always advised to train your mind to see positive in negative situations.

  1. Switch off for few minutes

At times when things are not going as per your plan the best solution is to switch off. Take a time off to do things that helps you in getting relaxed even if it means listening to 15 minutes music or getting up from your seat and going out for a walk. Small activities will help in breaking your mental and physical work that is disturbing you and closing your mind to think possible solutions. As time will not remain the same forever

  1. Start your day without anxiety

Start your day at work by planning possible solutions you can work on than thinking what wrong has been done. By thinking bad work cases and situations or even bosses you create anxiety within your own behaviour. The best recommend remedy is to first observe where the problem is, than blaming understand what your role has been and look for a solution that you can offer to your own problem. With this things does not get easier but you get better


The importance of work values

If you do not have job satisfaction on your current job, then it is very difficult for you concentrate on your job role. It is very important to have job satisfaction and this will lead to a better work life. You need to really follow your satisfaction level and this will give you excellent service. So, you should always look into the core values of your job role because this will actually give you a better way to understand your job and help you to give 100% satisfaction on your job. This will actually fulfil your desire and you need to understand what are your work values.

Values are basically your ideas and beliefs that you need to preserve and these values will guide you to take actions. Honesty, self respect, peace, service, empathy and success are the work values that one should follow to the job. It will help them to grow and in a way it will create impact on your personal image. Hence, it is really important to maintain these challenging work and one should definitely find a great result. So, you should know the difference between the intrinsic and extrinsic work values:

In intrinsic value, one has to focus on actual task, take the challenge of the job, help others and be a leader. In extrinsic value, one can include job security, earnings and recognition. To determine your work value, you need to use a tool that will actually help you understand what are the work value tools. They are really good and effective to make you understand what are your work values.

Achievement– Do the work that will give result.
Independence– work and make decision on your own.
Recognition–  Receive attention for your work.
Relationship– keep good relationship with colleagues.
Support– good and supportive management team.
Working condition– work environment with positive attitude.
Job security– probability that one remain employed at office.
Compensation– receive good amount of payment.
Creativity– using own ideas.
Artistic expression– express one’s talent at work.
Influence– ability to convince your ideas to others.

When you pass through Recruitment and Selection process, you need to focus on these work values because they will shape you as a work professional and in a way, it will give you the confidence to work and fulfil your requirement to work these values are really important for you to grab the attention and enjoy your professionalism to the best.

4 ways to share job ads internally

There is no doubt that you will not post the job ads in any job portal. But, the on going trend of using your own employees to display the job ads really works great. Word of mouth holds a strong position in today’s diverse market. So, in diversity hiring, you can use word of mouth advertising trick helps you fetch good candidates for the vacant job role. It will help you in the long run. So, internal job ad sharing is a great idea to stay focused and fetch the right candidate.

  1. Start with small approach and encourage your employees to share the updates of company’s social media. It will I a way widen the company’s following. It does not need extra time or effort and it must be included in the payroll itself. In a way, this chain will grow gradually and it will bring the best result.
  2. Make a proper calculation to get the exact number and it will actually fulfil the overall job position. Hence, it is important one should make a rough calculation of the entire process and keep the record for the future comparison.
  3. It is not every time that an employee will show interest to share company updates on their profiles. So, the employers need to motivate these employees and in return arrange some return gift for the timely effort. It will increase the chance to get the best candidates with the help of posting or sharing jobs internally.
  4. Social media training to the employees is another way to train the employees on how to share the job ads through Twitter or Facebook. Some companies arrange a short term training to their employees to train in the social media and help in a way to get the work done after the training process ends.

These four steps really work in a great way to post the job and increase the diversity hiring process on a bigger note. It will actually help you in the growth of your business and also reduce the external cost.

4 Parameters to Follow to Remain Productive at Work

Are the employees much enough productive for your company? Do you see the lack of productiveness among the employees? Then, it is time to gear up your employees with some basic parameters to assess productivity. These parameters will help the employees as well the company to shine high and increase the growth of the business.

1. Clarity– Well, employees need clarity about their job role more than a written job description. They want clear ideas on what they should do at work on a daily basis and even wants to know how his or her work easily coordinate with others work especially when there is a change in the work circumstances. Employers should not just expect high aim from employees rather frequently talk with company’s employees and get detail about the responsibilities and even the progress of work. If there is absent of clear communication, then company becomes stagnant in ideas and lead to a bad workplace.

2. Competency– Turn your employees productive not just for the betterment of the company, but for the overall development of the employee. Great employees always show interest to learn new skills, and to learn new things. An employer can choose some checklist like:

a) Business decision
b) Interaction with others
c) Work ethics
d) Software tools use
e) Emotional stability
f) Problem solving

These skills include both business and behavior and helps an employer to judge or make a competency report based on these skills.

3. Consistency– Whether it is the growth of the business or improvement in employees skill, consistency plays an important role. Why? Until you try something to try for a certain period of time, you will never understand whether the new things is working in your favor or not. It allows you to measure. When you are assigned to a particular work, you become accountable to it because of consistency. When you are consistent with your work and progress, then automatically you earn reputation.

4. Efficiency– Without the result of efficiency, it is not possible for any company to grow. Therefore, employees efficiency should be observed with the close view. Every employee should match their task with a skill to stay efficient at work. Communication is important for efficiency, employees need to have clear idea on goals and should stay focused on work. Also, for an efficient result, do not engage your employees to small task rather invest in large goal to encourage to achieve the same.

Hence, these four parameters really work better in a company if followed by the employer thoroughly.