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Placement firm and its importance

Placement firm is a kind of firm where the companies will get the help to find good employees. Candidates and jobseekers will find their dream job because they act as a bridge between the candidate and companies. These firms sort the candidates for the reputed companies in the available job position. Accordingly, they work hard to find the best opportunities for the both side and fulfill the requirement. In a way, you will get the benefit to join hands with placement firms and see the solution.

There are many placement firms in the market, but to choose the best one you need to find the best one only through research. It will help you find the best one with good reputation in the creation of 100% job placement. These firms collect and maintain the database of the candidates and look for the clients vacant job role and accordingly schedule the interview so that they can get the help and accordingly make sure that the firms help the candidates in a proper way.

The experts or HR professionals work in these firms are well talented, smart and active to handle and become the bridge of them. These experts maintain the cordial relationship with both of them and always ready to help each other. They are talented and knowledgeable to understand the external factors and accordingly take the decision to organize the interview schedule and this is definitely a great way to get the job for the candidate and the companies will get the eligible candidate for the vacant job position.

What are you waiting for? Both companies and candidates can join their hands and get the best opportunity respectively so that both of you can help each other.

The work of a HR agency

The work of a HR agency is not only to hire the candidate and to meet targets in a month or in a year. It is much more than these things above. The HR of the agency start their with:

  1. sorting the numbers of the candidates
  2. Make suitable calls to all the jobseekers
  3. Check the office database and find out the list of candidates
  4. Then make a call to these candidates and then confirm the interview
  5. Talk with the employer and get the notification of vacant position
  6. Schedule the interview as per the compatibility of both the parties

These are the listed jobs that they prefer to do and in a way help both candidates and employers to get the job. It will actually help you to get acknowledgment from both of them. The employers become their potential client so that the hr agency give them the best candidates for the vacant job position. It is very important for you to handle the situation and keep a balance between the candidate and the employer.

Before anyone hire the service of this agency, it is very important to take on a complete research of the service and you will get the hands in a proper way. The research work is very important because it is just the way help you choose the right decision and will give you excellent service. So, the employer can rely on them and find out the best employment service. A HR firm will help you in all possible manner to get you find the right candidate for the job position and you will find the candidate that worth for the job role.

Global placements and the services

Getting rightly placed in a reputed company is a dream of all jobseekers. It is very important to join the hands of these placement agencies and get the best job of your career. They are very supportive and global placements always make sure that your placement in a good company gives you 100% job satisfaction. You will definitely get a positive feedback if you get the job from this placement services. They are really worth for you to give the job and in return will see you grow confidently without much a problem. This is definitely a good solution of you and it will actually help you grow in the future for a better job secure.

The placement agencies scrutiny all the applications perfectly and then help you face the interview with the interviewer. Shortlisted candidates sit for the interview and you will get the opportunity to get the job position if everything goes well. It will actually help you in a great way and enhance the confidence in you. Therefore, the agencies work hard to place you in a good company so that you can settle down yourself and secure the job position.

The choice of a placement service depends on your research. This research will actually help you find the best placement service. You can talk with the expert and they will definitely help you and will give you a a better understanding of the process to find a good job. It will actually make you confident on the same and so this will definitely solve your problem. So, there is nothing to worry and there will be all types of assistance and this will actually make you a confident person and surely the employer also trust this service provider so that they get the best candidate for their job role.

3 ways to choose placement agencies

There are many placement agencies in the market. But, how to choose who is the best? Whom to trust? How much worth will your investment be? All these questions pop up in your mind and these questions are really very hard to answer and for this one need to research. Your ability to research will help you find what is good and what is bad and then accordingly, take the decision. It is just the right choice for you to select and decide who is the best?

  1. Years of experience- Check the years of experience to find out their base in this industry and how they manage to offer the best opportunity to both candidate and employer I.e. the real part. It will definitely help you in the long run and this years of experience will actually help you find what is right and wrong.
  2. Guarantee service- You need to check whether they provide 100% placement opportunity or not. If yes, then you can actually go for the service to find the right candidate for your business. Even, the aspirants can find good companies to join and fulfill the need of their dream job.
  3. Price package- Compare the service package of the agencies and then take up the decision to choose which is good, reasonable and effective for your pocket. So, beware of any fake services and rather choose the right one

So, what are you waiting for? You can keep in mind these factors and accordingly you will find the best placement agency and then move ahead with your decision. You can even take the reference from close ones so that you get a first hand information and it will actually fulfill your need to find the right placement of the candidates in the best company.

The staffing solutions for your company

What are staffing solutions? Well, this is a kind of solutions where the service providers offer staffs and employment opportunity. It will actually help the companies to get the employees very easily without any hassle. The staffing solution providers take the responsibility to employ the service providers with the best candidates. They are really good at the service and gives any room to complaint. In the staffing solutions, they work hard to sort candidates as per the clients requirements. They also study the background of the clients and get into the details of the business. Accordingly, they will categorize the candidates for the vacant position and schedule the interview.

Through staffing solution, you will get the best employees with good background research and the help is inevitable. You will always find a solution where you can get 100% genuine employee. You will get instant help and once you notify the service provider with the vacant position you will get good candidates that are shortlisted for the vacant position. The service provider will conduct the interview and then accordingly the thing will proceed. It is really a great solution for the companies who do not have time to find the employee for the vacant position.

These days, you can find these service providers through online and you will get the opportunity to search them in an easy way. So, there is nothing to worry and you can take the help of these service providers to find the genuine candidate for the vacant job position. Hence, you will get the best way to deal with the service provider and it will actually fulfill all your requirement and will help you in the long run to work with the employees and get the best productivity of the service.

5 mistakes that you should avoid in Group Discussion

The duty of a recruitment consultant is to find the best candidate for the employers as their clients. It will help the employers to find the best candidate for the available job position and it will actually help both the parties to come in coordination for a transparent job market. A consultant plays an important role to balance and coordinate the interview for them. This expert works really hard to arrange the interview for the desired candidate for the clients. Various companies have different formats of interview and you should follow the same if you have an eye on that desired job position.

One interview format is Group Interview after the written test. This is the section where your presence of mind, communication skill and cooperation with other candidates are judged. So, here are 5 essential mistakes that you need to avoid to perform the best:

  1. It is always good to start a communication, but you should know when to stop and let others to speak. If you speak too much, then there is high chance that you will go off topic and lose your points. It is really bad for the candidate which will create a negative impression in the minds of the employers.
  2. Keeping your mouth shut completely is again a negative point. When you are in group discussion, you should at least speak on some valid points even if you have only vague knowledge on the topic. Going silent will show your negative side rather speak some points without any hesitation.
  3. It is not good if your not interactive. You should always give space to your fellow mates so that they can keep their valid points. Always welcome criticize comments and keep your attitude and mind open so that you can enjoy the debate discussion and learn something from the group discussion.
  4. Work on your pitch, tone, pronunciation and be polite and firm in your approach and points. Discussion does not mean you have to shout loud to make yourself heard.
  5. Ignorance is not a bliss in group discussion. Keep yourself update with common topics in advance so that you do not act dumb in the group discussion.

So, you should always keep in mind these 5 above points to avoid the mistakes and perform good to best in the group discussion. When placement firm scheduled your interview with employer, it is better to research the background of the company so that you prepare yourself for the interview in a confident way.

Hi, I am the Sales Manager

Many a times we all must have meet or spoken to some or the other Sales Manager trying to convince you to purchase their products and services. The job of sales team is significantly important as they are tagged as the direct people to earn revenue or the profit drivers of the company.

They are the ones who are on daily basis are connecting with clients and maintain relations with them. So at times the sales job does become difficult and target driven. As a executive search firm our consultants also finds difficult to fill up positions with good sales manager who understands the art of selling.

So practically what is this art of selling?

If we have go about understanding the art of selling we must understand that a Sales Person does not only have to fix meetings or calls with potential customers and start briefing about the products and services they want to sell. The first and foremost thing which a sales person should aim to achieve is to build a relation of trust with customers. This requires having those potential soft or behavioural skills that can utilize to attract the customer. One should always be ready to handle the customer with care. Remember that a “friend in deed is a friend indeed”.

They should not focus on briefing about the product and services but rather should focus on the past achievements how that particular product and service has been able to solve a complex but a common problem. A sales person should have the ability to gage the problem of the customer during their conservation so that he or she can provide a specific solution to the problem of the customer.

Lastly, a sales person should always be an active marketer. Brand promotion is something which should go parallelly with selling. A sales manager should have skills to build a positive brand within its customers which requires sharing of important information and knowledge which is requisite for customers to know.

With these simple skills we believe that sales can no longer become a herculean job and with more concentration you can improve your relations with customers.

Remodeling The On Boarding Process For Employer First Impression

There has been a lot of discussion gone around the fact that the candidate must be well groomed for the interview and during first days of his or her work for the best of first impression creation. Right from the dressing tips to communication pointers, many experts have talked about this topic in detail. But interestingly, there is another side of the coin as well. It is not only from the candidate end, but the employer also needs to create a positive impression about the work culture and organization as a whole. According to recent published sources, 25% of the employees leave their jobs during the first 60 days of their joining. Hence, creating an employer impression significantly contributes towards motivation of the new employee and better retention rates in the long run. The first step towards this approach is the on boarding process. Mostly it has been seen that fresh recruits sit through the on boarding program with a stiffness or in complete cluelessness. This needs to be addressed with utmost attention and concern. The on boarding process should be remodeled or revamped according to the needs of the current trends. Following are a few pointers for the same.

  • The simplification of the entire on boarding process is the first initiative that any organization must take to address this concern. The experience of the on boarding should be kept simple yet enjoyable at the same time. Instead of a classroom lecture environment, it should be interactive and fun to view at the same. There should a simple feedback system as well for enhancing the process in due time.
  • Building connections is the second measure that can be taken towards new recruiters. Using various social media platforms, getting to know about the new recruits and interacting with them makes them feel at ease and unwanted stressful situations are evaded. Building up early relationships and passing on certain information about the organization goes a long way in creating a healthy professional relationship.
  • Often it has been seen that a lot of confusions arise while filling up forms and providing and gathering information. These cause unwanted friction and hassle for the fresh recruit. So, the HRMS system should be capable of eliminating repetitive data entry and ensure smooth flow of information for avoiding any confusion.
  • The last initiative in this segment is the mobile based approach. There has been rapid increase in the smartphone usage in recent years due to affordable options and better mobile internet connections. This has resulted in all time connectivity and on the go, attitude of the people. Right from entertainment to shopping to information sharing, everything is possible on smartphone. This can be put to use in case of filling out forms during the on boarding process which reduces the time associated with it in the most effective manner. The fresh recruit also feels comfortable with the process.

The on boarding is the first step of the new employee in the organization. Making it memorable is an initial step towards retention of that employee.

Workforce planning and its procedure

Workforce planning has emerged as one of the core functionalities of human resource management in the recent years. It is defined as the requirements and priorities of an organization in relation to that of the workforce and ensuring that both aspects meet the legislative, regulatory, service and production needs in accordance with the business objectives. Workforce planning is the building block of the evidence based workforce development strategies. It is a strategic approach towards structured identification and analysis of the organizational needs in relation to the workforce size, type, professional experience, knowledge and skill sets. It plays a key role in generating business intelligence of the organization in terms of present, transition and future impact of internal and external trends on the company. It is mainly categorized in to two segments. The strategic workforce planning is related to the business outcomes and needs and is aimed at implications related to workforce and present and transitional business strategic objectives. It also includes scenario planning and the duration of this process is usually three to four years forecast period. The operational workforce planning is the combination of systems and processes that are utilized for collecting, analysis and reporting of workforce planning strategy. It is aligned with the business planning cycle time frame and usually extends over 12 to 18 months. The steps involved in workforce planning procedure are as follows

Step 1 – Defining the organization’s strategic direction is the initial initiative of workforce planning. This can be performed by maintaining practices related to strategic planning and management. A well structured strategic plan clearly defines the mission and goals of the company which depicts the aspirations with a right approach.

Step 2 – The next stage is to analyze the internal and external environmental conditions in relation to the geographical, technological, social, political and economic conditions of the surroundings. The current labor market conditions, industry trends, employment statistics and such like form the element of external environment. The internal environment elements include workforce trends, efficiency of HR transactions and such like.

Step 3 – Understanding the existing workforce composition and its characteristics forms another important stage of workforce planning. During this phase the workforce is generally segmented in to permanent employees, supplemental direct hire employees and contractual labor. This stage is crucial towards formulating the gap closing strategies in an effective manner.

Step 4 – Based on the previous analysis, it is very essential to assess the future needs in the employee mix as well as availability of the professionals in the upcoming years for a particular technology segment.

Step 5 – Identifying the loopholes in the existing workforce in terms of shortage in skill set and other knowledge driven areas is essential. Based on this observation, gap closing strategies are structured.

Step 6 – Implementation of the gap closing strategies is the next in line action pointer in workforce planning. It requires intensive time, attention and resources for this initiative.

Step 7 – The last but not the least step of workforce planning is the evaluation of gap closing strategies to measure the effectiveness of the initiative.

The recruitment industry experiencing tremendous growth in the global arena

Recruitment services have climbed up the charts of popularity in recent years. Every company and business across industry domains have sought for professional recruitment services across the globe. Effective and talented individuals are needed in every part of operation and management for effectual growth of any organization. As per the global trends last year, as the global economy is on the rise, the recruitment services are largely asked for by companies. Previously, finding talented individuals was easy and it mostly happened through personal networks. But over the past four to five years this method has proved to be inadequate.

In the current business scenario, the talent acquisition has become a different game. Presently, the main source of talent search is based on social networking professional sites. Career websites are also on the rises which have a rich access to the talent database as job seekers actively update their profiles and resumes in such websites. Recruitment process has also become complex and cost sensitive. The recruitment process it not just finding a suitable candidate, it is a multifaceted process of various stages. Firstly, a thorough research and understanding on the job profile is required for which the candidates will be selected. It includes various parameters like the qualification, past experience, professional background and such like. The second step is going through the pool of candidate database while keeping in mind the detailed research of the job profile and short listing a set of candidates. Thirdly, conducting a screening to understand the candidate profile is crucial. The next step is to perform a formal interview through a suitable mode of communication for the final selection and negotiation on the compensation grounds. Lastly, the on boarding of the candidate in to the system is the final and completion step. All these stages require the support of experienced and professional team who can perform each and every step with perfection. But maintaining such a team within a business requires considerable investment and is pretty cost sensitive in nature. Hence, businesses are now opting for recruitment services provided by international recruitment firms. The recruitment firms are known for providing all round hiring services from job profile understanding to on boarding of the candidate. This poses to be a cost effective solution to most companies. The companies do not need to hire a team for the entire recruitment process and also the chances of suitable candidate hiring increases as these recruitment firms have access to or maintain a large database of resumes and profiles themselves.

Thus with modern day approach of outsourcing the recruitment services, the companies are benefitting from reduced operational costs and greater productivity.