Month: September 2016

Outplacement Services by HR Consulting

Outplacement services are relatively new addition to the HR services segment in the corporate arena. While there are many HR consultancies which offer this service, many companies are yet not clear about the service and its importance. Outplacement services refer to the career and stress counselling services provided by the company to it’s laid off employees due to a business cause. Many times there arises a scenario wherein a business segment becomes redundant due to change in strategies or decrease in profit margins. Whatever may be the reason, it leads to mass layoff of an employee segment. This scenario is extremely sensitive as there may be some employees who have been associated with the brand for a very long period of time and grow an emotional attachment to the organization. It also creates an unwanted panic wave among the existing employees which harms the productivity. Outplacement services are an answer to such sensitive situations. GlobalHunt India Pvt Ltd as a leading HR service provider has designed its Outplacement Services in such a manner where the employees during the initial phase of lay off are provided with counselling sessions and career building sessions to keep them boosted. Moreover, our recruitment process is highly technology driven which makes the job placement much faster.

It has to be kept in mind that employees are the major source of company growth and providing career assistance and stress management counselling to the terminated employees solidifies the base of a healthy relationship. It reduces unwanted friction between the management and the terminated employees to a certain extent.

  • It reduces the unemployment rate to a definite extent. Advises on career opportunities and job search helps in finding alternative opportunities faster. It proves to be a better offering than just a severance pay as we all know that employees have other needs too.
  • It helps in protecting liabilities and maintaining corporate responsibilities. It ensures a smoother transition which minimizes the risk of legal actions.
  • The current employees feel assured regarding the management and their employer which aids in maintaining their productivity and eliminates unnecessary panic environment.
  • Lastly, the word regarding the service might get out in the market at some point of time which preserves the brand image in a positive way. If the company needs to hire again after some time, then it is easy and effective.

Therefore, there is a lot more to outplacement than just career assistance to terminated employees. This service can be implemented in certain innovative ways.

  • Now is the age of mobility. Right from online purchases to entertainment and even job search is done on mobile. Statistics reveal that around 68% job seekers look for employment on their mobile multiple times in a week. Hence, it is likely to be true about the terminated employees as well. So, it is better to provide the service over mobile platform as well. It adds to the flexibility of using the service on the go.
  • Relocation assistance is another way of aiding the terminated employee for a better opportunity. It showcases the employer commitment in a brilliant manner. However, this service depends on the budget and needs to be well planned before execution.
  • Lastly, promoting alumni services along with the outplacement service is valuable towards yielding better positive results. Displaced employees connect to the relevant alumni and can get better job search assistance and logical references.

Looking for Leadership roles than compensation

The success of a company’s objectives is determined by its workforce, management board and corporate culture. The highlight that is making rounds in the global corporate arena is that baby boomers or the generation X are on the brink of retirement. This opens up the opportunity for millennial or the generation Y to take over management responsibilities. While there are certain concerns regarding their style of management and strategic planning, the segment is the best source of potential leaders. Also coincidentally, new professionals from this generation are looking for leadership roles than just a comfortable desk job with a hefty compensation. They want to utilize their pattern of innovative thinking for creative decision making.

Many a times, during normal recruiting process GlobalHunt India Pvt Ltd recruiting consultants also face situations where candidates are not ready to comprise on their leadership responsibilities which a new job may not provide. So it becomes essential to scrutinize such capabilities to recruit and manage such potential leaders for company’s long term growth. There are certain ways of doing so.

  • Employee performance tracking is essential towards analysing the growth. But the analysis of potential leaders demands more. One needs to look ahead of the performance criteria. Analyses of behavioural pattern, problem solving ability, overall potential are some of the pointers to look out for. These criteria makes a leader stand out in the crowd of normal employees.
  • The level of engagement is a good way to detect leadership abilities. Looking in to career growth at the company’s growth is one of the qualities. If an employee makes relevant and proactive suggestions towards project sub processes and betterment of functionality, then he or she can be groomed in to an effective leader.
  • There are individuals within companies who do not wait for the proceedings to happen just to follow them over. They suggest measures and ideas towards a new project or work flow instead of sitting at meetings waiting for instructions. This is a major step towards identification.
  • Potential leaders have a sense of belonging or accountability. They take responsibility for the actions whether it is a failure or a glitch. They try to fix the errors. It is a positive pointer towards leadership. However, if an employee constantly blames others for any error or refuses to take responsibility then it is better to stay away.
  • The ability to multitask is one of the most lucrative abilities to look out for in a potential leader. If a person has the ability to manage two to three tasks at the same time or has equal involvement in multiple projects which he or she juggles with ease and performs simultaneously then, the person is a natural leader in coming years.
  • Emotional intelligence is a slightly higher level parameter in this regard. Ability of working within a team, extending helping hand towards understanding and tasks to fellow workers, building up inter-team relations and some of the intricate abilities of a potential leader.
  • Lastly, communication skills are the basic stand point. Even if a person has great ideas and management skills, he or she would not be able to deliver those, if communication skills are lacking. Hence, it is considered one of the basic criteria of a leader.

Market dynamics influencing the key HR trends

With overall changes in the economic and business contours the role of Human Resource is also rapidly evolving with market dynamics. The market trends tend to influence the processes of HR significantly wherein the demand and supply, available skill sets, compensation parameters, strategies for adoption are crucially defined by the market. Therefore, it is crucial to involve the HR in strategy planning so as to maintain workforce related matters in line with business needs and vice versa. With constant changes in the market the role of HR consultants becomes imperative to suggest candidates that can partner in growth.

At GlobalHunt, we understand the need of the hour where businesses are required to align their operations with its People calibre and potential. Hence, GlobalHunt India Pvt Ltd as a leading HR Consulting organization has been playing an instrumental role in building diversity for its clients by providing the Talent that is best suited for their growth. Our team of consultants work as a subject matter experts where they understand the values and culture of clients but also define the qualities of an ideal candidate which he or she must possess to fit the business role.

Our search consultants understands that HR domain is no longer existing in an exclusive space which is implicating traditional role of payroll management, employee engagement and culture, on-boarding and paperwork. Rather, in contemporary times HR experts are included in the business strategy meets to discuss and develop products and services that can gain consumer attention.

The HR domain largely revolves around PEOPLE where people behaviour holds an important place. The new workforce culture focuses more on building an overall employees and consumer brand which caters the demand of consumers and is known for employee’s satisfaction. Thus, these days the HR process is becoming a two way process where behaviour management of both employees and consumers is becoming important. Our consultants work towards forwarding the brand values to the new candidates for better results.

Cyber security has been a key concern influencing market dynamics. Consumers are concerned over trusting brands in terms of personal data while choosing the services. Brands have been investing heavily towards protecting consumer data in order to strengthen customer base and attract fresh ones. While this is the outside scenario, similar issues concern within the organization as well. HR consultants need to advice and guide employees towards understanding cyber attacks and data thefts and educate them to protect sensitive information which might affect business goals if in wrong hands.

Understanding market dynamics with respect to talent availability is essential for the recruitment process. One of the important situation at hand for most brands is that generation x or baby boomers are on the stage of retirement in the coming years. Hence the millennial generation need to take over across managerial and leadership roles. HR consultants need to understand the market conditions and propose candidates who can take over the reins after proper knowledge sharing and guidance. Similarly, new technologies are coming up quite frequently. Hiring professionals who can adapt to such changes and deliver accordingly is crucial for business growth and crisis management. There are other factors like problem solving abilities, creativity, team work and soft skills to look in to as well.