Month: August 2016

HR Transformation through People, Process and Technology

The growing market complexity, diverse consumer expectations, geo-political dynamics and the changing workforce etc are enormously affecting they businesses work. Businesses vision has gone wider with time and apart from mere earning profits they want to excel on the scale of customer satisfaction, create an environment of learning & development, thinking over the edge to mitigate its challenges.

However, in this entire scenario the need for good calibre People have remained consistent. The search for People with right talent has grown with time to lead businesses in crucial times. Thus, to manage the growing demand, HR industry is evolving technologically for workforce management and branding demand

Being a leading HR Consultancy and Advisory organization GlobalHunt India Pvt Ltd through its internal research lists down certain technologies which are increasing adopted and implemented in the HR processes in current times.

  • Talent Analytics has become one of the most popular tools of HR segment now days. It refers to the prediction of employee performance, attrition and cost with the application of statistics and technology to large people related data sets. This helps in making better strategic planning and decisions for the company. The major benefit of talent analytics lie in finding the right candidate for particular job profiles. Understanding the knowledge gap within an organization, chalking out the right profiles to hire, short listing and selecting the right candidates while making it cost and time effective at the same time is the true essence of talent analytics. Some of the market best talent management software includes Synergita, Kenexa, Cornerstone Talent management and such like.
  • Cloud Computing is another technology that is revolutionizing HR segment in recent times. It has been contributing significantly towards productivity of employees and strategic planning. It helps in gaining faster access to innovation. It has differentiated itself from on-premise software in an effective way as it provides software release updates automatically. It is one of the simplest technologies used until now. Furthermore it is very flexible which allows remodelling quite easily providing the benefits of in-premise software. Some of the cloud computing software are Oracle Taleo Cloud service, Datis, UltiPro and such like.
  • Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is the ultimate of all the HR based technology innovations of all times. It can be defined as the systems and processes in between the human resource management and information technology. HRMS is the merger of basic HR activities and IT. It is an all round system that encloses recruitment and retention, management and administration, HR planning, knowledge management through learning, analytics, feedback and communication management and employee self service promotion. It also handles certain repetitive backend process like payroll management, attendance tracking, time sheet management and so on. These processes unlike recent times took a lot of time, effort and resources. But now these have been automated to minimize errors and increase efficiency. Patriot Payroll, JobDiva, Bullhorn Staffing and Recruiting Software, ApplicantStack are to name a few of popular HRMS software.

The technology innovation is producing to be quite cost effective and efficient wherein they are reducing time and energy to manage big data.

Impact of social media on Recruitment

Human Resource and Talent Acquisition forms the most essential part of an organization’s function. While organization use sourcing avenues like Employee Referral, Job Portals, Recruiting Agencies to find suitable Talent, the latest trend is hiring through social media. The current trends in digital recruitment marketing reinforce the idea that candidates have to be on major social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This is, however, a trend that might not last long. Looking for jobs or candidates on what are considered alternative social media networks might yield better results.

There is really high competition for finding your company or you as a candidate on major social media networks as everyone else is there. Especially for tech-savvy or specialist roles in your industry, going to specific networks is a better plan. As far as Indian context is concern, there are multiple views presented by experts about which particular platform is actually leading the way but one thing is for sure, “Social Media Recruitment” has actually taken off and Indians have accepted this with open hearts. What favors the use of social media in Indian context is the personalization factor which is the crux of communication through social media channels.

Considering the other end of horizon, even job seekers have understood the importance of social media in getting new jobs. Social media tools and social networking sites have revolutionized communication methods, both privately and increasingly, at work.

Communication through social media involves the use of an online platform or website (a social networking site) that enables people to communicate, usually for a social purpose, through a variety of services, most of which are web-based and offer opportunities for people to interact over the internet, e.g. via e-mail and ‘instant messaging’ (a form of real-time, direct text-based communication between two or more people using personal computers or other devices).

The Benefits of Using Social Media in Hiring

Candidate Quality – Those who frequently use social networks may be the highly desirable “early adopters”. This source may identify higher-quality candidates (including those who are more technically savvy and innovative). Note: The simple act of listing the primary source (that generated the resume) on the top corner of every resume will, over time, educate hiring managers and eventually lead them to shift their recruiting efforts toward sources that appear most frequently on their short list.

Hidden Candidates – The perfect candidates for your position may not be actively looking for a new job. Networking through social media can help to identify qualified candidates who cannot be found or successfully messaged using other sources.

Candidate Diversity – Social media may assist in identifying a higher percentage of qualified diverse candidates in managerial and professional jobs.

Cost per hire — The recruiting-related transactional costs can be significantly lower compared to other sources.

Employer Brand – Social media sites increase your visibility as an employer and significantly improves your leading-edge employer brand image among targeted prospects (even if the image-building it doesn’t result in immediate applications).